Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Chalkboard

I love the look of chalkboards!

I think they add much needed character into the home. Plus, they are very inexpensive to make and can be made out of almost anything.
The two sentences above are why I knew I wanted to use one somewhere in my wedding decor.

And guess what??? I didn't even use it! Oh well! I will use it somewhere in my home. I do have one idea already.

I previously figured I might as well make one and then I would come up with an idea as to what to use it for. I had been introduced to Pinterest a few months ago and found a wonderful idea making a story of our lives since we met. Again, I didn't do it.

My mom had this framed artwork she had bought my brother YEARS ago that he never used and was still in her basement. It even had the cardboard around it which protected the sides. Too bad the front of the picture was very scratched. She knew this would be perfect for what I was wanting to use it for.
I had planned not to paint the frame since it was still in very good condition. It looked great! Plus, added bonus, black is Matt's favorite color and it is nice to incorporate his color choice into all the purple which is my color choice.
While in the process of covering the frame with newspaper and painter's tape, I realized it would be much easier to use a screwdriver to remove the frame from the picture. I primed the picture with several coats of spray paint in hopes of covering the small scrapes completely covering the picture. This worked out really well, but you can still see a few of the deeper scratches. You won't be able to notice them if you aren't looking for them though.
Once primed I did several coats of chalkboard paint. Tons of coats actually! Seemed like bugs and other debris kept getting on my wet paint.
Was starting to annoy me.
I told them all to go away - the bugs I mean. They didn't listen.
After applying the last coat of paint, I allowed the picture to dry for a few days. Would have only waited 24 hours if I didn't have so many other things to do.
Following the steps I previously used when my mom and I did this last time, I used a piece of chalk, laid it on its side and coated the entire surface. Removed all the chalk and this is what my final project looks like:
Picture the chalkboard put together.
I am very happy with my finished project aka my up cycled item!

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