Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two Weeks In The Making

Continue reading to learn about my cleaning/decorating/gardening over the last two weeks.

Our master closet was awful!
To me at least.
There was barely enough room for all of my clothes (I should have taken a picture). I had gotten rid of some clothes and folded others and I still didn't make enough room to fit the few clothes Matt wanted to put in there.
Didn't know what I was going to do.... I thought we would have to put all of Matt's clothes in a guest room closet. You know, instead of just some of his clothes. LOL!

We (I) decided we needed to have two rows of clothing and we (I) wanted it done inexpensively.
Matt and I went to Lowe's where he picked out and bought another wired rack along with the matching screws and other accessories.
For about $30, we now have this:


I have been able to put so much more in our closet. AND, we even have some space to grow!
The bottom row holds some of Matt's shirts (need more hangers to get them all in there); on the floor are all our pants and a Tupperware container for my winter pajamas; on the Tupperware container is a laundry basket filled with all my purses; and on the top rack are all my shirts with all our bed linens on the top shelf. The doors are holding all our shoes (except for the ones I keep in my other closet and the ones in shoe boxes on the bottom shelf.

I went through ALL of our bed linens and made a good pile to toss in order to give us more room. I think I ended up getting rid of 6 Queen sheet sets. Didn't realize we had so many. I gave 3 sets to each of our moms to use on their beds.
I only kept 3 sets of queen sized bed linens for us since we now only have one queen bed.

Two weekends ago we bought ourselves a king bed!
I am loving it!
Matt is loving it!
Wyatt also loves it!

My brother had gotten us a set of sheets for our wedding present so we now have 2 sets.
Then last week we treated ourselves to these new linens:


They are from JC Penny. I had seen them before we got married, but decided not to buy them since we had already spent so much money on the wedding and honeymoon. I couldn't rationalize the cost at the time.
When we went to buy them on Thursday, the register rang up the item as $120. They were previously $100. I commented out loud to Matt about the price and was debating in my head if I still wanted them when the cashier said they must have been on sale when we saw them. She then told us she would sell them for $100.
That was very nice of her!
Very unexpected!
I don't know why she did that. I hope she doesn't get in trouble.
JCP had upset me when they changed their pricing - I am still annoyed. I had stopped shopping there when they did this. I like clearance racks. Even if the price is the same, I still want to know I am getting a good deal. I like coupons too! Bring back coupons!
But JCP, if you are reading, this cashier made my day! Just might be the push I need to shop there again in the future.
On 'How likely am I to shop there?' with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest went from a 1 to a 3.

I do not like the color I painted in my bedroom, but I refuse to repaint it. Took WAY too much time. This bedspread, to me, helps tie all my colors together. I plan on making some sort of wood or brown headboard for my bed. The more blue I can cover, the better. I am tempted to add white bead board to the walls as well. I have never done that before which makes me intimidated to even try doing that.

Today I cleaned our room really good.
Now I just want to get a few items hung on the walls and this room will be done.
100% perfect for us!

Matt's mom made us this lovely quilt now on our guest bed.
I decided to put it in here since I do not want to ruin it with our sweat and dirt, but I wanted to still be able to enjoy it. This is now a family heirloom for us.

Check out my garden now:
My plants are so big!
I told Matt I am a farmer now! LOL! Maybe I am stretching the truth a tad bit.

I did pick two zucchinis the other day. And two today.
I was very excited. Still am. Cannot wait until more stuff grows for me to pick and eat.

While at awful Wal-Mart over the weekend (sometimes we need stuff we can only get there), I noticed they had some of their vegetable plants half off. I got a bell pepper plant for $5. Already has small peppers.
I see fajitas in my weekend future.

I even have a few teeny tiny green beans:
Some tomatoes:
 More zucchini:
 And some squash:
I am loving gardening! :)

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