Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random Wedding Props/Accessories And A Rant

My own wedding is only the third wedding that I have been to in the last 20 years. Perhaps I have been to others (at least one for sure) prior to the last 20 years...
Doesn't matter.
Not important.
What is important is how I wanted my wedding to be great, but I was a bit too lazy to make it as awesome as it could have been. And awesome to me is creative. I wanted it to be different then other weddings. I wanted people to look at what I had created and then want to copy it. Too bad I was too lazy and unmotivated to accomplish this goal.
I do feel my wedding was wonderful though and there isn't much I would change if I had to do it all over again.
With Matt, on the same day. Not all over again in the sense of a second marriage. I want this one to be my one and only. I know it will be. I have faith. I chose the right man to spend my life with.

Before we ever got married...
Before the invitations went out....
I ordered magnets from Vistaprint. I didn't know what color or theme we would be using nor did I really know what I was doing on the website. I have learned a lot since then and am still learning.
These are what they looked like:
I like the words and the font.
Wish I had chosen the color purple since that is what we ended up going with for the wedding.
We placed one magnet in each invitation to the wedding.
I had no idea they should have been sent out before the wedding invitations actually went out.
Makes sense now.
Live and learn I suppose.

Another cool item I bought was this notebook with our names on it.
I wrote down everything wedding related in it.
I hardly wrote anything in it so now it is the notebook I keep in my purse in case I need to write something down while I am out and about.
Maybe I should use it to keep scores of the games we play.
You know, so Matt can see how I win more then he does. (We are both sore losers!)

For our reception we decided to let people sit wherever they wanted to sit. I was told I had to somehow indicate what people ordered to eat. I solved this issue by printing every one's name and meal choice on a table card place seating and having my mom pass them out as people entered the room. The waiters were then able to just walk around and write down what each card said.
Very simple. They even had a website to go to for a free template.
I also like to think they helped guests who didn't know each other remember people's names. Maybe they did - we just don't know.

Before my wedding I found a wonderful thrift store. I found a big frame on some artwork I knew would work well for what I was wanting. I removed everything from the frame, sanded it, primed it and then painted it purple. I wanted people to use this to take pictures. Hardly anyone did. At least hardly anyone did that I know of. If it was used a lot, my photographer did not get the pictures. (More on her later)
This is the banner I ordered before I knew what theme or colors I wanted.
 Our party favors that I have already blogged about:
Watter bottles, Hershey Kisses, and bubbles.

The front table where people could write us advice (I already blogged about his as well):
This picture was taken by the photographer we hired.
You would think she would have removed the half drank water bottle before taking this picture.
(More on her in a minute)
The Thursday before we got married we went and got our marriage license. :)
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the room we went into to apply and pay $35 for it.
I should have asked someone to take our picture in front of the building.
Such good memories.
Matt kept asking me if I was having doubts since my hand was shaking while filling out the paperwork. I had no doubts. None. Not one.
Have no idea why I was so nervous.
Still have no doubts about us being each other's soul mate.
My photographer (more on her in a minute) took these scrabble pictures. I asked her to do this. Wasn't her original idea.
I wish she would have taken them on something else besides the couch cushion in our cabin.
No worries.... I plan on taking my own. These were my scrabble pieces and our rings so this will be an easy task.
About my photographer....
I originally met with her since I needed someone at a decent price on short notice.
She seemed professional and had a nice portfolio when we first met with her.
She told me she would bring props (she brought none) and she would check out the wedding location before the wedding for good spots (she did not).
She had to keep looking on her phone for the pictures she saved to her phone for ideas. I don't think she is a real photographer. If she is a new photographer, she shouldn't charge so much.
I basically decided which pictures should be taken.
Her only ideas caused me to get a grass stain on my wedding dress. BEFORE my wedding!
I do not recommend her.
At all.
She didn't really get what I was wanting.
I shouldn't complain.
Not much I can do about it now.
I am just thankful I do have SOME good pictures.

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