Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love My Wedding cake

In every wedding the wedding cake is a centerpiece.
THE centerpiece!
Do you agree???
It screams out to the guests - "Hey! Look at me!".

Wedding cakes, however, can cost SO MUCH MONEY!
I never had to price them which means I am unsure of how much money they cost.

I am very lucky to have a co-worker who is a really good friend of mine.
For our wedding gift she made our wedding cake.
A beautiful and yummy wedding cake:
I told her what we wanted and showed her a few examples of what I was thinking and she decided what the cake would look like in the end. She wanted it to be a surprise to both Matt and I.

My mom borrowed the mirrors from one of her friends, but the cake, ivy, chocolate covered strawberries, and words came from her.
In case you can' tell from the picture, there are three layers.
Chocolate covered strawberries surround the bottom two layers and on the top layer are 'me' and 'Matt'.

The words all say our names - 'Jessica' and 'Matt'.

She must have spent a lot of time and money on this.
I couldn't have been more happy with our cake. Somehow she knew what I would want! 

Here we are cutting the cake:
We decided to feed each other a bite.
I feed Matt a bite first. Very sweet and gentle if you ask me. The whole bite went into his mouth.
His bite to me was in the face! Yep! He shoved it in my face! Nice, huh? I knew he would do something to me and that is why I was nervous allowing him to feed me.

Looking back, that was funny! At the time, I was a little annoyed though.
I am glad we have a good picture of this.
I was feeling a bit rushed at this point since we only had 15 minutes before the photographer was leaving. She told me how long I had left.

I have decided since I really only have four readers (all in my family), I am not going to post a bunch of wedding pictures since those readers all have our pictures on there computers.

I will leave you with this one:

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