Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Carnival Cruise Line Fantasy Ship!

Sorry it has taken me such a long time to finally do this post. Not sure why I haven't been more motivated to finish it. I started typing it out over a week ago and then I ran out of motivation. Part of that is because it is such a pain in the you know what to downsize pictures to put on here. I have done it though.

We were both ecstatic about our cruise!

Probably me more than Matt. I could hardly contain myself. I felt like a child on Christmas Day after seeing all my presents under the tree. The cruise was the whole reason we were in Charleston for a few days. To me, that was the appetizer and this was the main entree. :)

When we first got to the port all the cars had to be directed into different lanes. At the first check point they verified our tickets to board against our id's. The next person verified we were wanting to park our car for the duration of the cruise. The third person took all our luggage to bring onto the boat. We then paid the fourth person $75 to park our car for the duration of our trip. We were then led to a warehouse where we parked our car. Once parked we got out of the car and walked to a bus that took us to another building where we got in line to go through security and then another line to actually check in. Next we got our pictures taken and our room key/cards that doubled as our charge cards. We also got a picture of the two of us which I bought.
This didn't take nearly as long as it seems, but it took long enough.

It was finally time to board the ship!
Excitement was bubbling over me! I think this is when Matt got really excited as well.
We checked out our room and then headed to eat our first meal.
So much food!
All sorts!
No wonder why people come for the food....
It was all you could eat.

When you eat at the fine dining restaurant, you get a menu:
 Yummy food - lots of it:
Oops... I accidentally got ahead of myself...

Our boat didn't actually depart until 4:30 PM so during that time we ate, explored the boat and our room. We also had a few moments of panic when Matt's luggage did not arrive at our room when mine and what seemed like everyone else's did. We did ask one of the luggage guys about it and he told us lots of luggage still needed to be delivered. About an hour later we got Matt's suitcase and we both relaxed. Would have been awful if we never received it.
I got sick the first day.
The water was so bumpy!
We started out eating dinner, but I was too sick so we went and bought medicine that didn't help. We then went to the room so I could sleep. Poor
Matt spent the first day on the ship watching TV.

Wednesday we were at sea still. I woke up feeling MUCH better!
Thursday we docked at Freeport, Bahamas.
Friday we docked at Nassau, Bahamas.
Saturday we spent our last day at sea.
Sunday back in Charleston.

I am too lazy to write out everything we did - enjoy the following pictures:

Food in the Bahamas:
Matt wanted a conch burger but they were sold out so he settled for a lobster burger. He enjoyed it!
Room service (included)
Officially the best day ever!
Our boat:
 A shipping boat:
 Towel animals and our daily Fun Times:
(It was there labor day parade.)
We had a wonderful time!
I wanna go back!
Like now!


  1. it looks like it was a fun cruise. I enjoyed all the photos of the food.

  2. Thank you! It was a wonderful experience!