Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do It Myself Purple Frames

Another idea I had for our wedding was to incorporate more of the color purple into our reception room by using purple picture frames to hold pictures and printouts.
I wanted as much purple as I could incorporate into the room.

I started with ugly cheap picture frames.
Really ugly laminate wood picture frames. They did have a nice design though.
I could see the potential in them.
Can't you?
It was also nice having several of the same frames.
 I took the frames apart from all the glass and backings then cleaned everything really good.
They were DUSTY!
I painted most of the frames I had purple and two of them I painted black.
I did this after applying primer of course.
And as you should know by now, I had to coat them with several layers since I wanted them perfect.
For the ones that didn't have pictures in them, I used to put different printouts in. I started this project by deciding what i wanted to say. I then went to Hobby Lobby when all the scrapbook supplies were half off and selected a few different purple pages.

Here is one of the completed projects I made:
It says:
We'll take all the advice we can get
Take a card
Write a note
Sign your name
Color if you like
Drop into the glass vase
 Advice for the Groom...
 Advice for the Bride...

This is what we displayed on one of the tables for people to read and leave advice.
I painted the below round plate to place all the cards on. It was a silver platter I found at Goodwill. Has good weight to it. I had planned on using it in my bedroom. I will now that I am done using it for the wedding.
We actually got several pieces of advice. I plan on putting them into a scrapbook once I get around to making one. It is important to me so I think I will get it started soon. :)

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