Friday, June 29, 2012


Yesterday I used two of my zucchinis to make zucchini bread!

It was yummy!
I only made 2 loaves - one for us and one to share. I will have to make a few more loaves before the season is over.
I made this a few years ago.

Updated on the raccoon -
I called the non emergency phone number for my city and they told me to call animal control who told me they do not deal with wildlife. He said I could call fish and wildlife, but they would not come out for a raccoon either. I guess no one cares if the little guy dies from the heat.

When I got home from work I had just missed a fight. Jake and the raccoon. Matt saw it all take place. Jake had a bloody nose/mouth. Had to take him to the vet to get a rabies shot since it had been over a year. Poor guy!
The raccoon was limping. Last I saw he was still in our yard. I feel bad for him as well, but I care more about our dog.
I am not happy about what happened.
Thankfully Jake seems fine.

I had to include a picture of my other baby!
He is so darn tootin cute!

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