Friday, June 29, 2012


Yesterday I used two of my zucchinis to make zucchini bread!

It was yummy!
I only made 2 loaves - one for us and one to share. I will have to make a few more loaves before the season is over.
I made this a few years ago.

Updated on the raccoon -
I called the non emergency phone number for my city and they told me to call animal control who told me they do not deal with wildlife. He said I could call fish and wildlife, but they would not come out for a raccoon either. I guess no one cares if the little guy dies from the heat.

When I got home from work I had just missed a fight. Jake and the raccoon. Matt saw it all take place. Jake had a bloody nose/mouth. Had to take him to the vet to get a rabies shot since it had been over a year. Poor guy!
The raccoon was limping. Last I saw he was still in our yard. I feel bad for him as well, but I care more about our dog.
I am not happy about what happened.
Thankfully Jake seems fine.

I had to include a picture of my other baby!
He is so darn tootin cute!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Is That???

Normally in the morning when I let Wyatt out Jake is under the deck keeping cool. He then sticks his head out to see who's there and what we are up to. Once he sees it is us he usually wants to be rubbed. (He is kept in a gated area within our area at night.)
Not today.
Today he was staring at the sky. I thought it was odd but didn't bother to think much about it since I was running late for work.

Had I of looked up, I would have seen this (if the sun had been up):
Do you see it?

Matt called me shortly after I arrived at work to tell me a raccoon was in our tree and Jake wanted to 'play' with the animal.
I didn't believe him at first.
In my head I was all -
"A raccoon?"
"A raccoon in the tree?"
"In our tree?"

I did eventually believe him. LOL!

When I got home I got to see it for myself.
Sure enough - a raccoon in our tree!
The poor guy was hot!
He was panting!

He kept moving around and we thought for sure he would come down.
He didn't.
Eventually we decided to go inside and eat dinner when all of a sudden we heard a big thump. Matt got up and told me it was Jake.
The raccoon had climbed down!
He was drinking water from one of Jake's water buckets. He even had the audacity to practically climb into the water.

Luckily Jake was locked up in his pen so we didn't think he could get hurt or hurt the animal.
Some how he broke through it and scared the raccoon back up the tree!
We wanted him gone!

Look what this crazy dog did!
Just kept circling the tree in hopes of catching the raccoon.
Too bad he was already at the very top of the tree.
Jake didn't stand a chance unless he to climbed the tree which was not happening.
Now Jake is back in his pen and we are settling in for bed.
The raccoon is still in the tree. We are hoping he will be gone in the morning.

In other news, I got my new social security card and I got my new driver's license with my new last name!
Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedded Bliss After 1 Month

After one month of marriage I am happy to tell you I am still having a wonderful experience!
Should have gotten married a long time ago! :)
Yesterday was officially the one month mark for us so we went out to Olive Garden for dinner followed by a movie (21 Jump Street - very entertaining) and homemade milkshakes.
We had a wonderful evening!

Would have only been made better by being longer. Too bad I had to go to bed in order to be ready for work.

The following is a post I started on Monday, then continued working on Tuesday and am just finally finishing today, Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday! Changed from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday.
You know, if you don't have to work and you got to sleep in.... otherwise, 'Happy So Glad Work Is Over For The Day'!
I don't think it would be so bad if my allergies weren't bothering me as bad as they are. I am sick of not being able to breathe through both nostrils and having to blow my nose fifteen thousand times a day. That's not even counting all the times a sneeze and then have to blow my nose!
This is not nearly as big of an issue as it was the last few days.

Here's our weekend recap:
We decided to drive to Lexington, KY which is about an hour and a half from where we live. I knew there were a few places along the way I wanted to stop and see, but other than that, we just randomly drove and stopped at a few spots along the way. Luckily, Matt and I both enjoy car rides.

We saw a sign and stopped at Rebecca Ruth's Candies.
Here we took a small tour for $2/person and bought some candy.
Not something I would go out of my way to visit, but well worth a stop on the way to somewhere. Our tour consisted of just me and Matt and the tour
guide. She was very informative. Would have been neater to see the candy being made; it was Saturday and they weren't working. Everything they do is on an old machine or they do it by hand. She said only five people work in the factory. Crazy!
Learned a lot of history and bought some candy. That really sums this up.

Thought about buying this:
HA HA HA!!!!!
Too funny, right?

We saw the state capital building.
I have seen this on the news and now I have seen it in person.

Wish I could have toured this castle.

The Castle Post was amazing to see! It's not every day that you get to see a castle in the United States. Definitely not something you see every day in Kentucky. This is most def a unique site! If you are within a short drive of this site, you should make the trip to see it.

This hotel does not have a tour which means I have to settle with only seeing the outside of the building.
We did read online you can host your upscale event (probably very expensive considering they used the word 'upscale') or stay the night here (this is expensive). I had told Matt I would like to stay here one night (cheapest room is $195/night for a weekday night), but after thinking about it, I don't think it is worth it. I would rather go somewhere even better.
After looking around for an hour I would probably be bored. Can't be that impressive inside!

Downtown Lexington, Ky:
Looks pretty in this picture... wasn't as nice everywhere else though.
Once upon a time this was Bondurant Pharmacy... now it is a drive through liqur store.
Saw this online before going to Lexington - it is a building shaped like a giant mortar and pestle.

On Sunday Matt took our master bedroom's ceiling fan down and changed it out with a new one from Lowe's.
The old one is now in our guest room.
Thank goodness since this weekend is suppose to be extremely hot.
Over 100 degrees!
Yuck! We aren't even to the two hottest months of the year (July and August) yet.
I do not want to imagine the heat!
We have no intentions of doing a whole lot outdoors this weekend. Would MUCH rather stay indoors.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Carnival Cruise Line Fantasy Ship!

Sorry it has taken me such a long time to finally do this post. Not sure why I haven't been more motivated to finish it. I started typing it out over a week ago and then I ran out of motivation. Part of that is because it is such a pain in the you know what to downsize pictures to put on here. I have done it though.

We were both ecstatic about our cruise!

Probably me more than Matt. I could hardly contain myself. I felt like a child on Christmas Day after seeing all my presents under the tree. The cruise was the whole reason we were in Charleston for a few days. To me, that was the appetizer and this was the main entree. :)

When we first got to the port all the cars had to be directed into different lanes. At the first check point they verified our tickets to board against our id's. The next person verified we were wanting to park our car for the duration of the cruise. The third person took all our luggage to bring onto the boat. We then paid the fourth person $75 to park our car for the duration of our trip. We were then led to a warehouse where we parked our car. Once parked we got out of the car and walked to a bus that took us to another building where we got in line to go through security and then another line to actually check in. Next we got our pictures taken and our room key/cards that doubled as our charge cards. We also got a picture of the two of us which I bought.
This didn't take nearly as long as it seems, but it took long enough.

It was finally time to board the ship!
Excitement was bubbling over me! I think this is when Matt got really excited as well.
We checked out our room and then headed to eat our first meal.
So much food!
All sorts!
No wonder why people come for the food....
It was all you could eat.

When you eat at the fine dining restaurant, you get a menu:
 Yummy food - lots of it:
Oops... I accidentally got ahead of myself...

Our boat didn't actually depart until 4:30 PM so during that time we ate, explored the boat and our room. We also had a few moments of panic when Matt's luggage did not arrive at our room when mine and what seemed like everyone else's did. We did ask one of the luggage guys about it and he told us lots of luggage still needed to be delivered. About an hour later we got Matt's suitcase and we both relaxed. Would have been awful if we never received it.
I got sick the first day.
The water was so bumpy!
We started out eating dinner, but I was too sick so we went and bought medicine that didn't help. We then went to the room so I could sleep. Poor
Matt spent the first day on the ship watching TV.

Wednesday we were at sea still. I woke up feeling MUCH better!
Thursday we docked at Freeport, Bahamas.
Friday we docked at Nassau, Bahamas.
Saturday we spent our last day at sea.
Sunday back in Charleston.

I am too lazy to write out everything we did - enjoy the following pictures:

Food in the Bahamas:
Matt wanted a conch burger but they were sold out so he settled for a lobster burger. He enjoyed it!
Room service (included)
Officially the best day ever!
Our boat:
 A shipping boat:
 Towel animals and our daily Fun Times:
(It was there labor day parade.)
We had a wonderful time!
I wanna go back!
Like now!