Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding Favors Part 2

I meant to post this much sooner being as I had done all of this stuff last week, but my mom and I have been trying to get everything done for the wedding so I haven't really gotten online over the last few days. Maybe I will catch up with everything before the wedding. I say this even though you shouldn't believe me. :)

Not only did I make (I am stretching the word 'make', huh?) personalized bubbles and big Hershey kisses, I also made customized water bottles.

*Insert 'OOOHHH's' and 'AHHHH's'*

I bought large labels from Vistaprint and used those to go around my bottles. They don't go all the way around - you get the idea though.
I had bought Target's bottled water to replace those labels with my wedding labels, but the Target labels left a long sticky residue mark that couldn't be completely covered by my wedding labels which would have meant I would have had to remove the residue first.
Was not happening!
That would have taken WAY too long! I wanted this to be a quick project!
I wasn't even factoring in how lazy I am when it comes to doing boring things. And I can assure you, that would have been boring even with the TV on!

I ended up doing what anyone in my position would do....
Yep, I went to Wal-Mart.
Even though I loathe Wal-Mart, I decided to go buy their brand of bottled water since I know those labels are very thin and would be easy to cover.

I was right.
I removed all the Wal-Mart labels and added my wedding ones - very easy and quick to do.
Took less than 30 minutes WHILE I was watching TV. Works for me!
These will make a nice impact at our wedding!

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