Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Favors Part 1

Now that I have received my last Vistaprint order, I am able to start putting together our wedding favors. We are on a tight budget and no matter how hard I try not to spend more money on the wedding, it seems I can't stop. Thankfully, Vistaprint is not very expensive which equates to me buying a bunch of items for a decent amount of money.
At this point, I have ordered several times (and have played more with there website) so I have learned how to be more creative with what they are offering.

I bought bubbles for our wedding.
Boring looking bubbles.
The pack of 36 cyclinder shaped ones I bought at Hobby Lobby when all wedding accessories were half off ($5 on sale) and the bell shaped ones my boss gave me for free (leftovers from her daughter's wedding).

I decided to order stickers to dress them up a bit. I used address labels for the cylinders and envelope stickers for the bells. I plan on buying some thin purple ribbon to dress them up even more.
See the difference when I put them side by side?
They look so much better and more personalized now! Customized, when possible, is always better in my opinion. Now I just need to buy ribbon and they will be completely done.

I bought all sorts of envelope stickers to use on the bottoms of these plastic Hershey Kisses we bought when they were 90% off after Easter at Target.

I want to put a little note with a saying on these.... just don't know what to put...
The ribbon on them says, "Kisses for you" - I was thinking the note could say something along the lines of "We, the Last names, shared a kiss with each other, now here's one for you".
Too corny?
Any thoughts?

While I was busy trying to make sure everything was straight (they all are not), this little guy went from giving me the stink eye,
to sleeping.
And then continued to alternate while I was hard at work.
He acted like I was being too loud and keeping him awake! What nerve!

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