Thursday, May 10, 2012

About A Needy Dog

This is a post about a dog named Toby (my parent's dog).
Toby is an only child; actually, he is the only child in the house.
An only child who thinks he doesn't get enough attention even though EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) pets him.
Picture Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.Since he doesn't feel he gets enough attention he makes sure he is always around.
And I mean ALWAYS!
He must think if he is around then he will be noticed.
Doesn't matter where people are.... if they are somewhere, he is there.
You can't even go to the bathroom without him!
He's been doing this since we got him 10 or 11 years ago.
I finally decided to snap some pictures this past weekend as proof while I was babysitting him.
Pictures of him in the bathroom.
Yep, he even follows you to the bathroom.
You can't get privacy in his house!

Here's what happened...

I brought my clothes into the bathroom to take a shower and then walked out to do something. When I returned, this is what I saw:
He's so darn cute, yet pitiful at the same time!
This is where he lays whenever you are in the bathroom. Unless, of course, you make him get out which I am too much of a pushover for his cuteness to do that.
To be honest with you, I am surprised he stayed in here while I went to go get my camera. Usually he would have followed me. This is why no one has any pictures of him in here.
After snapping the above picture, I did what anyone in my position would do.
I took about 20 more!
I couldn't help myself!
 He's looking up at me thinking, "Really? You are really taking MORE pictures of me?"
 "Okay, if I look at you will you stop making that flash go off in my eyes?"
 "Oh my goodness! Maybe if I roll my eyes you will stop. You can rub me though."
 "Are you done yet? If you aren't going to rub my back I'm going to take a nap!"
"I'll give you one good picture and then will you stop?"
"Please put the camera away so I can sleep and guard the bathroom in peace!"
He he he!
Can you see him thinking those thoughts?
I can. :)
I would have elaborated more if I wasn't tired.

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  1. Oh my gosh how I miss that face and all his neediness! Two weeks is too long to be gone. Poor little Meatball.