Monday, May 7, 2012


I have THE most thoughtful co-workers!
I am lucky to have co-workers who I enjoy working with and who must (I assume) enjoy working with me.

Thursday, they had a surprise wedding shower for me.
I was shocked!

Wasn't expecting it!
Had no idea!

To be honest, I knew they would be doing something. spilled the beans.
Shame on you!
The company emailed me informing me items had been bought from my registry. When I clicked to see which ones, it even told me who bought them. Why would they do this??? It told me who bought them before the people who bought them even had a chance to give them to me., if you are reading this, you should probably wait a week or two before emailing people and letting them know items had been purchased.
Although I, the received liked knowing, I am sure the sneder/buyer would not be happy knowing this tid bit.

But besides knowing they were doing something, I had no idea when it would take place.
I would have guessed they would have done something right before my vacation leave started.
I later learned they had been planning this for three weeks. Everyone was concerned (he he he) that the lady who sits next to me would tell me.
Another one of my friends who used to work with me but is now in a another department told me she didn't dare call or email me on this day in fear she, herself, would accidentally say something to me about the party.

I need to tell you how all this happened. I didn’t mean to jump ahead.

Thursday when I arrived at work everything seemed normal. I didn't notice anything or anyone suspicious. Maybe that just goes to show you how unobservant I really am. Didn't even see anyone carry in any presents! I also later learned most people brought there gift in ahead of time. Very slick!
They also watched what I was doing all morning. When i took a phone call and was looking at my computer, they quickly pushed a cart by me with all the decorations on it. :)

That morning we got an email from our boss saying we had a meeting at 11:30 and she was sorry this was the only available time for the conference room. I should have known something was up. I don't think any managers schedule meetings during lunch hours. Maybe I am wrong.
Usually during my lunch break me and a friend from another department go walking outside so I emailed her letting her know about the meeting and asked if she wanted to walk before or after it.
She told me she wanted to walk before it. I agreed and we went. Never even asked me why we were have a meeting. And this is a person who would usually ask. Why didn't I see THAT sign?

While we were walking we saw one of my co-workers who yelled at my friend and told her to stop walking too fast and we should walk slower. I didn't think anything of this comment. Nor did I think anything about my friend ragging on me about my wedding registry items.

After our walk, when I got back to my office, no one was there. Really fast I changed out of my sneakers and rushed to the conference room since I was evidently late. Not really though since it was only 11:26.
On my way there, one of my co-workers came and met me. She told me our boss sent her out to look for me since I wasn't there on time. Uh oh!
When we got to the conference room she knocked and moved out of the way. I was still oblivious.
The door opened and everyone yelled 'SURPRISE!'.

I was truly not expecting this!
I was looked I looked stunned!

They had decorated the room, had a sash that said 'Bride To Be' and had me sit at the head of the table.
I felt very important.
I do get nervous/self conscious at these types of events.
(These are some of the decorations that were in the conference room.)

We played two games for three minutes each (we were on lunch so time was limited). One of my co-workers made a word search and word scramble game with things that related to me and Matt and us getting married. Such as our names, dog's names, where we were getting married, the month, etc. Very sweet!
The person who had the most amount of words at the end of the three minutes got a prize.
Next was present time!
I was handed one present at a time and opened them in front of everyone.
The lady who sits next to me wrote down what I received and who it was from.

I'm going to write all the gifts we received more for my own records then for you. I really do plan on making a wedding scrapbook - I am not all talk on this one.

George Foreman grill with removable plates
American flag (for the outside of the house)

BBQ grill basket
Knife sharpener
2 Digital picture frames
Candle warmer and candle wax
Dish towels

Bath towels
Canning jars
Several gift cards

I also received a bunch of sweet cards.
After presents we ate Subway sandwiches, chips, pound cake, and some sort of oatmeal brownie thing.
Of course we sat around and did a lot of chit chatting!

My cubicle is now fully decorated with the items that were used for the party.
They did have everything on the outside of it for everyone to see, but as of today, I have moved it into the inside.
Too many people kept coming up to congratulate me and ask me questions. I don't like all the attention!

I brought all my gifts to Tennessee to show Matt over the weekend.
We already wrote our thank you notes and most have been passed out! :)
Need to stay ahead of the game if you know what I mean!

Even though they don't read my blog - A big THANK YOU to all my co-workers for a wonderful memory!
I even got pictures on a CD from one of them. :)

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