Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In My Backyard

I am happy to report it seems over the weekend my veggies grew even more!
They are starting to look so big now!
Above - (left to right) Zucchini, squash and tomatoes
See that big empty spot?
Would you believe me if I told you I left it empty on purpose???
Above - (left to right) Tomatoes and green beans

I can hardly wait to actually pick veggies from my own garden!
Although at this point I feel it would have been cheaper to buy them at the grocery store.
At least next year it will be less upfront money since I will only need more seeds and dirt opposed to needing everything this year.

My grass is finally starting to come in a little fuller. This could be thanks to me laying more dirt and adding more seeds which you can tell by the different colored soil. Not so such how that happened... 

I am going to give it another week to grow and if it doesn't I think I will go buy some sod. I hate looking at that bare spot!
So U G L Y !
It needs to be green and luscious!

I couldn't help myself....
I watched Sister Wives....
You know, the show on TLC....
The one where one guy is married to 4 women...

Yep, that one.
I told myself I wouldn't, and then I did.

Something about it just sucks me in!
I feel bad for Christina. Wonder why Janelle stays with him. Merri is a female dog with her snide comments. Robin is milking the spotlight. Kody is a horrible husband/father.
I could go on, but I feel that sums up the entire episode.
I wont lie to you... I'll probably continue to watch the series.
Sometimes you can't help but watch the train wreck.

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