Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ended Up Being A Bad Day

Yesterday I was having a good day.
As in past tense.
As in I was having a good day and then it took a turn for the worse.

I'll break it down for you.

I went to work - started the day off like any other normal day. I did take a half day off in order to run some wedding related errands.
Went home, took Wyatt outside, brought in my packages, checked the mail, opened my packages, ate, grabbed my dress, got in the car, went to Victoria's Secret, went to get my dress altered, shopped at 2 Target's, shopped at Michael's, shopped at the teacher Store, picked up Chick-Fila, went to an appointment, went home, unloaded the car, changed, took Wyatt out, went in the garage, and started spray painting.

This is when it happened.
My day went from good to bad.
Any guesses?
Please know by me telling you this I am admitting I am not anywhere near perfect. (Of course, you should have already known that!)
Not even close.
In fact, this is very embarrassing for me to even write about on my blog.

I felt like such a loser. Still do if you wanna know the truth.

Before I get to that I would like to tell you about the highlights of all my activities.
Not that you really care...

The packages I am referring to are my wedding supplies I ordered from Vistaprints.
 A closer look at our 'Thank You' cards.
This is my second set of these cards since I used most of the ones we already had thanking my co-workers for all the lovely gifts we received.
I know you want to see a closer look at my new photobook which I received free so I figured I would try it out and see if it was any good. It is. Just a little small.
(Aren't me and Matt cute babies??? I think we are both adorable! I am partial though.)
I love ordering from this company!
I am always very satisfied with everything I get from them. Except for the mug I ordered a long time ago. It was WAY too small!

Took my wedding dress to be altered. I got a good feeling from the lady who will be doing it.
The alterations have cost me $110.
So my inexpensive dress is starting to get pricey. :(

Dress           $140
Alterations  $110
Bra              $ 50                   $300
I go in for a fitting on Tuesday and she should have the dress completely done on Thursday. I am very relieved!

Finally stopped at a certain thriftstore near my house that I have been eyeballing for months! They close at 5 which means I never make it there on time. Did notice they are open on Saturday.
They had some good deals - cheaper then Goodwill!
The white bowl was $1.50, Scrabble was $2 (wanted the tiles) and the picture was $10 (you'll see soon enough why I bought this item).
AND all items were an extra 50% off!

I also got lots of good things at Target thanks to all the good coupons they currently have on their website. You should check it out and print them off! You will not be disappointed.

We are now back to talking about how my good day turned into a bad one....

After I sprayed a coat of paint onto my stuff I decided to go in the house to get some cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean my old refrigerator that I am trying to sell.
I turned the knob.... it didn't move...
I tried again... still wouldn't budge...
I had evidently locked my door.
Meaning I was locked out of the house.
My keys were in the house.

I didn't even have my phone to call anyone!

I tried to break into my house myself but I was not successful after about 20 minutes of trying. I then went to my neighbor's house to see if he knew how to get into my house. He said yes. In the end, him, his neighbor and my other neighbor were all helping me get into my house. Couldn't do it.

Thankfully my neighbor (the first one I asked for help) let me use his cell phone to call someone to let me in.
It even took the locksmith about 10 minutes to get in. He said doors usually open easily. Not mine.
$95 later, I now know my door is very secure. Now if only I could do something about getting unbreakable windows...

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