Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Darn Cute

Matt's baby is a giant 120-pound part Rottweiler, part German Sheppard dog.

Perhaps 'baby' isn't the right word...
But then again, maybe it is....

You see,  Matt's mom's house has a dog door. Picture this in your head.
A dog door that he thinks he can fit through.
And maybe he could if he was given the opportunity. You picturing it?
He wants so badly to be with Matt that he is willing to try and squeeze himself through it. All 120 pounds! Still picturing?

What 's that you say?
You don't believe me?
Here he is with his head in the door:
(A little blurry, but I was trying to not be noticed by him.)
Do you notice the size of the dog door? Not very big.
He seems to be checking if the coast is clear.
Evidently it appeared to be clear since now he has one paw through the door:
At this point Matt decided to call his name.
You could tell by the look on his face that he knew he was BUSTED!
He looked at Matt as if to say, "Hey! What you doing? I'm not doing anything - just seeing what you were doing. No, I'm not trying to come inside. What gave you that idea?"

Unfortunately for Jake, Matt made him go back outside.

It was funny watching him. Didn't seem to be as easy getting out as it did getting in. Poor guy!

Too bad I don't have this recorded.... Maybe he will do it again and I can film it. :)