Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slacker Update

Yet again I am having to take the blog walk/talk of shame.
I am having to admit I haven't been around.
At all.
Not even one tiny little bit.
In fact, I barely get online these days.
I really only play games from my Ipod and then I am done.
Maybe it is because I stare at a computer screen all day at work.
Besides that, I'm not sure why I have such a hard time blogging these days. I have been busy with yard work, but I know that is a very poor excuse. I won't bother trying to tell you why I haven't. You should already know I have lazy periods of time. This is nothing new. Instead I am just going to move on and tell you the highlights of the last two weeks.

The main one being....

(Inset drum roll....)

We went and saw The Hunger Games two weekends ago!
I loved it!
Every single scene!
Not one I didn't enjoy!
I didn't think it would be very true to the book, but I was wrong.  So glad I was wrong!
It was exactly like the book for the most part! I loved it so much I am in the middle of reading it again. I can't help myself. :)
I'm addicted...
Is this a sickness?
I should Google it.

I loved all the characters except Gale - I would have chosen someone different if I was in charge of casting since I don't feel he fits that character the way he was described in the book.

Rue was EXACTLY who I thought she would be! Exactly! I keep reading all these stories on Yahoo and MSN talking about how some people who evidently are racist were claiming to not like or were refusing to watch the movie because of her and the other person from district 11 being of a different race.
People always want/need something to complain about.
Get over it!
Makes me so mad!
See page 98 where it says "She has bright, dark eyes and satiny blown skin....".
CLEARLY her race matches!
Did you even read the book????
(Sorry, moving on!)

I also really liked the girl who plays Katniss. I think she did a wonderful job!
Cinna is also perfect!

I want to see the movie again!
This is one I will have to buy!

I already have a manual nail gun, but couldn't resist buying an electric one at Target.
It claimed to be on clearance for $17 (Reg $40).
Imagine my surprise when it rang up $9.98!
I was debating not buying it... thank goodness I decided to hold on to it!
I want to find something to use this bad boy on. Should be MUCH easier than my manual one I got from Lowe's that cost a whole lot more.

These past two workweeks have been spent going to work (obviously) and working on my yard.
Seems to never end!
I am glad it isn't too hot out since I seem to be mowing every week. My yard is looking good in the front!
The back - whole different story since I have decided I don't care if weeds grow back there.
I hate those yellow flowers!
The white ones you blow and there seeds fly everywhere are even worse!
My backyard is covered in them!
And my front yard has more than it should. My co-worker told me I should be happy I have flowers since some people can’t grow any flowers.
Ha ha ha! Not funny!
I would rather not be able to 'grow' these ones!
Did make me smile when she told me that though.

I finally no longer have a 'rock garden'.
(I should have taken a 'before' picture.)
I moved all of these rocks above which were in a oval surrounded by a TON of smaller rocks like the ones you see in the flower bed behind the big rocks.
Took me several hours over several days!
In the end, those stupid little rocks filled a whole trailer full.


I'm not exaggerating.

After I moved as many as I could with buckets into one of my flower beds, a friend of mine came with her trailer and we shoveled the rest into buckets which we then dumped onto her trailer. I wish I had taken a picture of this as well. When I first started moving these rocks MONTHS ago I thought for sure I could fit them all into a few buckets. I was WAY wrong!
Once the majority of the rocks were removed I got down on my hands and knees to get up as many of the remaining rocks as I could. This was not easy since they were all halfway in the dirt and I had to pull them out AND try to avoid all the scary bugs. Which by the way there were a BUNCH of!
Of course while I was spending my evenings trying to get this hole done and over with, it had to rain.
Then my hole, as you can see, filled with water for two days.
I was a bit annoyed.

Once the water was gone I raked the area.
Bought 5 bags of dirt to cover the area.
This wasn't enough.
Had to buy 5 more bags of dirt - used 4.
Raked the dirt and made it as flat as I could.
Added grass seeds (should have covered with hay).
Still have no grass growing - just a few weeds. Hope it grows soon.

Friday was Matt's birthday...


Hope you had a wonderful time like you are claiming! ;)
Saturday we celebrated Matt's birthday at Joe's Crab Shack followed by a little playing on the slot machines at Horseshoe Casino.
We both lost.
Me, I always lose. Not a big surprise.
Matt, he tends to lose - eventually, but can usually make it last. Not this time. He spent more than double what I spent and was done before me.
I was shocked!
(He only lost $40 and I lost $13 - we are not big gamblers.)

We painted. I'll blog about that tomorrow. You know, so I have something to write about.
I am going to try to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday we watched 'The Lorax'.
I thought it was cute.
I seem to be the only one who remember the book AND the the 30 minute movie they used to show on TV!
I am going to see if the library carries it. If so, I am making Matt watch it!

I guess those are my main highlights.
The rest was really just normal day to day activities. I need to spice up my life. Ha ha ha! Actually, I don't have any plans on doing that. I am very happy with my life. :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my baby boy:

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