Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paint Your Own Pottery

A few weeks ago I painted a canvas and now this past weekend I painted ceramic!
I'm just a painting addict now!
Ummm... not really.... that was a joke.
If I was addicted to painting I would be THRILLED to paint anything don't you think?
Okay, maybe not thrilled, but willing.
And I can assure you I do NOT want to paint my trim in my house.
Not one little bit.
I can't even pretend that I want to. I'm not a good actress.

I'm getting off track though.
Like I was saying before I got distracted...

In addition to all the fun Matt and I had over the weekend we also went and painted pottery. It is something I had been wanting to do for YEARS! Literally!  When I saw a Groupon online for a place near me I decided to purchase 2 for us to use. I bought these several months ago and for whatever reason we waited until now to use them. Please note this is not a cheap hobby. At this place it costs $8 per person to paint plus the price of the pottery (not cheap). But definitely worth doing from time to time.
(I can already picture bringing my future children here! He he he!)

We picked a good day to go - Saturday - when the U of L versus UK (U of L lost) game was on - which made the place almost empty.
I asked the lady if it was always this empty and she said it is usually packed during the weekend! So I'll say it again; we picked a very good day to paint!

When we first walked in the place we were greeted and the lady asked us if we had ever painted pottery. We both said no (even though Matt evidently painted in school). She explained the costs, noticed our Groupon coupons in my hand, told us to pick out our pieces, and to sit at any table we wanted to and she would come to us to explain everything.
It took me what seemed like FOREVER to decide what to paint!
So many choices!

You could select a dish;
Or any of the different objects and figures.
(You can also see the items people have already painted and are ready to be picked up on the right.)
I chose to paint a cupcake and Matt chose to paint a dog bowl for Wyatt. The cost of these pieces were $18 and $19.

Once we had our 'canvases' and picked a table, the lady told us where the paints, brushes, stamps and other items were located. She explained to us how on each tile there are two colors - the lighter shade is the color with one coat of paint and the darker color shows what it will look like with three coats of paint. Once you know what color(s) you want you then select the correlating numbered bottle of paint. Very simple.

She also explained these helpful hints on our table:
Here are the few pictures I took while we were painting:
I took a bunch of pictures of Matt's bowl.
He wanted it all red with just Wyatt's name and a paw or bone at the bottom. Sadly, the picture he put in the bowl smudged. A lot. Really bad. Couldn't be fixed. He was forced to paint it all black. He then removed some of the paint with the other end of his brush to write the word 'hungry'.
This is what we ask Wyatt when it is time for him to eat. He gets VERY excited!
I painted every inch of my cupcake - inside and outside. I mostly choose different shades of purple (my fav!) with a few pinks and blues.
I want this to be displayed in either my kitchen or bedroom.
I know I will smile every time I see either item since we had a wonderful experience.
 As you can see both pieces look very light colored. In one week we can pick them up after they have been 'cooked' and glazed. This will show the true colors on the items.
I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out once they are completely finished.

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