Saturday, April 21, 2012

Late Night Blog Recap

I'm awake even though I want to be asleep.
*Insert sad face*

When I got home from work this evening I wasn't feeling well (had a horrible headache). I decided to set my alarm and lay down for thirty minutes thinking my pain reliever medicine would work by then.
My alarm went off WAY too soon which made me set it for another 30 minutes. Followed by another. Head was still hurting! I finally just decided to call it a night and go to bed.
I believe that was around 7 PM.
It is now about 11 PM and I am wide awake!
I figured since I was just lying here I might as well take a shower, blog and surf the web in order to make myself sleepy.

So you are in for a treat. (Maybe???)
I took a few pictures over the last few days of what I have done and now I am going to show them to you.
Please know these are not very exciting pictures. I tend to live a boring Monday - Friday life since I don't really enjoy going anywhere during the week.

Buckle up because here here go!

Last week I decided to make a long time coming paint color change in my kitchen. The previous owner of my house had one of the walls in the kitchen red. (Also had red carpet in the master bedroom!)
Bright/dark/bold red.
You couldn't miss it.
So ugly.
I never liked it.

Not one little bit.
Of course to be fair, I don't really like the color red.
At the time, I was too lazy to paint this particular wall when I painted the rest of my kitchen tan since the whole wall needed to be cut in with a paintbrush. She even had the inside of the window's sides red! It would have taken me too much time considering I painted almost every wall in my house during my first week as a homeowner. (Thanks again little brother for helping me!)

Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture (as usual).
Luckily I have pictures from when I first bought the house.

A different ugly dark color was on the others walls as well!
Did you notice the ugly linoleum flooring that was here when I bought the place?
Flooring throughout the WHOLE house was the first thing to go!

I just found a picture of the kitchen once we first painted. You can see the tan and the red together. This is a MUCH better before picture. (Except for the fact you can only see half of the wall I am referring to.)
What do you think?
Are you a fan of the red?
I sure hope you aren't. Like I said, I FINALLY painted over it.

It's gone!

Here's the kitchen now (in really bad lighting).
I should have taken this picture again - sorry about that.
Picture the same tan color from the above photo.
It's still a work in progress - needs window treatments and we still have to install the rest of the molding around the floor (which is now stained and ready to go), but at least you can see the difference in the colors.
I never realized the red made my kitchen so dark!
The tan makes the area look so much larger. Who knew?
Now that it is painted I wish I had done this MONTHS ago!

My mom and I are trading window valences so it will have more of a finished look very soon.
New Topic:
This will be my first year with a vegetable garden.
Obviously I am hoping to be successful. :)

A few weeks ago I planted my seeds in the house and now look at them:
 Green beans and 2 different kinds of tomatoes (above).
Cucumbers (all 8 pots have died!), zucchini, squash, and banana peppers.

Yesterday I went and bought more cucumber seeds and some jalapeno seeds. Had to also buy several bags of Miracle Grow gardening soil to fill in my raised garden.
Good thing I didn't pour my soil into my raised bed yesterday since Monday and Tuesday the high temperatures are only going to be in the 50s and my plants would have been outside.

New topic:
Matt and I decided months ago to get rid of all our DVD cases since they took up too much space... I finally got everything done which made more room on my bookshelf.
I re-arranged everything and even got rid of several books I won't read again. I have so few now. Makes me a little sad. :( On the other hand, they aren't worth keeping if I never read them again.

Not 100% in love with this setup, but I will continue to play around with it until I get the perfect organized look for me.

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