Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Got Something You Don't Have....

Guess what I bought???

I just mentioned it in my last post...

You guessed it!
I bought the Peeps I had previously seen at Kroger. I couldn't resist. When I went to Kroger yesterday I was determined not to pay more than $2/pack. They were $2.40/pack - I decided to buy them. I didn't want to chance them being gone if I kept waiting for the price to go down.
I like them so much!
They make me happy just looking at them!
They are very cheaply made (in China), but I plan on using them for decorative purposes only and it won't matter. If I was buying them for kids to play with I would have probably passed due to the poor quality. Good thing they are just for me!

When I remove the tags from these cute little guys I bet you will think they are food.
Especially with these sort of pictures.
(They were taken with my iPOD this evening. Hence the fuzzy looks.)

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