Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dog In The Dress

My little Wyatt won't stop licking his weenie. (I know, TMI.)
I took him to the vet who charged me $80 and gave him a shot and some medicine.
Didn’t change anything.

Then I bought him a cone.
He just walked around all pitiful and kept running into things.
I felt sorry for him.
As of Friday morning I have mostly been putting him in a baby outfit.
A girl baby outfit.
In my defense, that was all I had on hand that would fit him without me cutting holes.
It is a little big on him and he does step on the *cough*dress*cough* part.
BUT, it doesn’t allow him to lick that area!
So if you ask me, it is working.
I do take it off of him when he is outside, eating, or I am fully watching him. I no longer trust him at night. I think he gets up during the night just to lick it.

Both Friday and yesterday while I was at work he got the dress off!
I don't know how he does it!

He just needs to stop licking ASAP!
If not, I don't know what I will do. I guess he will have to wear this (above) FOREVER!

P.S. I did try taking his picture when he was walking around, but he wasn't having it! Every single picture I took is blurry - AHHHHHH!!!!!

Target has Easter clearance at 90% off -
The basket matches my guest room's walls. Not sure what I'll do with it, but for $0.80 it was too good to pass.
Bunnies and eggs are my Easter theme. I ESPECIALLY like Peeps which these 2 bunny banks resemble.

Kroger has a pack of 4 small stuffed animal Peeps and Chicks - sugar coated marshmallows - that I found on Saturday. I placed them in my cart since they were half off and I figured they would be about $2. Nope! $4 - they were regularly priced at $8! Are you kidding me??? I returned them. Even the young lady at customer service couldn't believe how much they were. After work tomorrow I am going to stop in there and see if they are 75% off. If so, I GOTTA get them!


  1. Put the cone back on him! When you're at work you don't have to see him work all his pitifulness on you.
    Love, Both your parents

  2. Ha ha ha! I have placed the cone on him the past 2 days while at work. I feel sorry for him, but he KEEPS licking! AHhhh!!! Makes me so mad!

    P.S. He tried on his new jacket you bought him and he loves it! You picked out the right size - Something his mommy doesn't always do! :)