Monday, April 30, 2012

7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days

I hate Mondays!
Mondays are THE worst day of the week in my opinion. (Have I complained about this before???) It is the one day when I am not looking forward to the coming days since it seems you are transiting from the weekend and are nowhere near the next weekend. A bit depressing if oyu ask me. Not that you did... Just thought I would share with you. The only exception to this rule is holiday Mondays. Doesn't seem to happen often enough though.

In four weeks some people will have a holiday Monday.
I will.
And I am thankful I work somewhere that gives me a paid day off for Memorial day! Very thankful!
Now if only I could have every Monday off and have a four day work week.....

To ease myself into this new week (and perhaps you) I thought it would be nice if I showed you a few random pictures I took over the past week.
Completely random.

I'll title this this post - "7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days".

Remember my love of Peeps?
Will you should since I just recently blogged about it. :)

Check these guys out:
Larger Peeps then the little guys I bought at Kroger a couple of weeks ago. Matt asked me if they had more colors/animals would I have wanted them all... Well, duh! Of course I would have wanted them all! They only had these 2 different ones so that is what we got. I am sure our wallets are glad they didn't have more.

I KNOW these will look cute next Spring. For now, until we put my Easter Tupperware box into the attic, they get to sit on my bookshelf so I can enjoy them.
They make me happy just looking at them!

And yes, I agree.
$3.33 a piece was a bit steep for cheapo me, but sometimes you just gotta splurge!

Bought a new refrigerator!
I feel like I have moved up in the world! (People, it's the little things in life that count!)

I bought it on sale at Lowe's for $811 after tax one day last week and it was delivered on Saturday morning.
My old refrigerator had a broken ice maker and a light that had to be tapped down to allow the door to close properly. No tape meant the light would work but the door would not close. Not a good thing when you are trying to keep your food cold.

I will not miss it and I can assure you it was well worth me saving my money.

We made snow cups (cones) yesterday with the shaved ice machine Matt bought me for Christmas that I haven't been able to use until now.
Mmmmm..... cherry and blue something!
Looks a bit light in color since the syrup we bought is sugar free. We plan on buying the regular kind next time. The taste was good. Just didn't stick to the ice like I assume the kind with sugar does.
My water pressure sucks on my fridge. I wonder if this can be fixed. My house has good water pressure so I am unsure why the water to the fridge is so low.

Speaking of cold items... we were grocery shopping at Meijer and I noticed Gelato.
A bit steep in price - couldn't resist.
So good!
Did manage to get 3 servings out of it.

I transported my veggies into my raised flower bed that was super easy to put together that I did it by myself.
I am a little concerned I might not have picked the best spot for it.
Time will tell.

Here is an updated picture of my spot where the ugly rock garden used to be.
My grass still isn't really coming in. I sure hope it grows soon. I might lay down some more seeds in a few days. Suppose to be close to 90 degrees all week so I might not. I would hate for it to continue not to grow after I throw more 'money' onto the spot.

Wyatt can be so funny when he is trying to get comfortable.

There you have it - 7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days!

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