Monday, April 30, 2012

7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days

I hate Mondays!
Mondays are THE worst day of the week in my opinion. (Have I complained about this before???) It is the one day when I am not looking forward to the coming days since it seems you are transiting from the weekend and are nowhere near the next weekend. A bit depressing if oyu ask me. Not that you did... Just thought I would share with you. The only exception to this rule is holiday Mondays. Doesn't seem to happen often enough though.

In four weeks some people will have a holiday Monday.
I will.
And I am thankful I work somewhere that gives me a paid day off for Memorial day! Very thankful!
Now if only I could have every Monday off and have a four day work week.....

To ease myself into this new week (and perhaps you) I thought it would be nice if I showed you a few random pictures I took over the past week.
Completely random.

I'll title this this post - "7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days".

Remember my love of Peeps?
Will you should since I just recently blogged about it. :)

Check these guys out:
Larger Peeps then the little guys I bought at Kroger a couple of weeks ago. Matt asked me if they had more colors/animals would I have wanted them all... Well, duh! Of course I would have wanted them all! They only had these 2 different ones so that is what we got. I am sure our wallets are glad they didn't have more.

I KNOW these will look cute next Spring. For now, until we put my Easter Tupperware box into the attic, they get to sit on my bookshelf so I can enjoy them.
They make me happy just looking at them!

And yes, I agree.
$3.33 a piece was a bit steep for cheapo me, but sometimes you just gotta splurge!

Bought a new refrigerator!
I feel like I have moved up in the world! (People, it's the little things in life that count!)

I bought it on sale at Lowe's for $811 after tax one day last week and it was delivered on Saturday morning.
My old refrigerator had a broken ice maker and a light that had to be tapped down to allow the door to close properly. No tape meant the light would work but the door would not close. Not a good thing when you are trying to keep your food cold.

I will not miss it and I can assure you it was well worth me saving my money.

We made snow cups (cones) yesterday with the shaved ice machine Matt bought me for Christmas that I haven't been able to use until now.
Mmmmm..... cherry and blue something!
Looks a bit light in color since the syrup we bought is sugar free. We plan on buying the regular kind next time. The taste was good. Just didn't stick to the ice like I assume the kind with sugar does.
My water pressure sucks on my fridge. I wonder if this can be fixed. My house has good water pressure so I am unsure why the water to the fridge is so low.

Speaking of cold items... we were grocery shopping at Meijer and I noticed Gelato.
A bit steep in price - couldn't resist.
So good!
Did manage to get 3 servings out of it.

I transported my veggies into my raised flower bed that was super easy to put together that I did it by myself.
I am a little concerned I might not have picked the best spot for it.
Time will tell.

Here is an updated picture of my spot where the ugly rock garden used to be.
My grass still isn't really coming in. I sure hope it grows soon. I might lay down some more seeds in a few days. Suppose to be close to 90 degrees all week so I might not. I would hate for it to continue not to grow after I throw more 'money' onto the spot.

Wyatt can be so funny when he is trying to get comfortable.

There you have it - 7 Pictures From The Last 7 Days!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Darn Cute

Matt's baby is a giant 120-pound part Rottweiler, part German Sheppard dog.

Perhaps 'baby' isn't the right word...
But then again, maybe it is....

You see,  Matt's mom's house has a dog door. Picture this in your head.
A dog door that he thinks he can fit through.
And maybe he could if he was given the opportunity. You picturing it?
He wants so badly to be with Matt that he is willing to try and squeeze himself through it. All 120 pounds! Still picturing?

What 's that you say?
You don't believe me?
Here he is with his head in the door:
(A little blurry, but I was trying to not be noticed by him.)
Do you notice the size of the dog door? Not very big.
He seems to be checking if the coast is clear.
Evidently it appeared to be clear since now he has one paw through the door:
At this point Matt decided to call his name.
You could tell by the look on his face that he knew he was BUSTED!
He looked at Matt as if to say, "Hey! What you doing? I'm not doing anything - just seeing what you were doing. No, I'm not trying to come inside. What gave you that idea?"

Unfortunately for Jake, Matt made him go back outside.

It was funny watching him. Didn't seem to be as easy getting out as it did getting in. Poor guy!

Too bad I don't have this recorded.... Maybe he will do it again and I can film it. :)

Late Night Blog Recap

I'm awake even though I want to be asleep.
*Insert sad face*

When I got home from work this evening I wasn't feeling well (had a horrible headache). I decided to set my alarm and lay down for thirty minutes thinking my pain reliever medicine would work by then.
My alarm went off WAY too soon which made me set it for another 30 minutes. Followed by another. Head was still hurting! I finally just decided to call it a night and go to bed.
I believe that was around 7 PM.
It is now about 11 PM and I am wide awake!
I figured since I was just lying here I might as well take a shower, blog and surf the web in order to make myself sleepy.

So you are in for a treat. (Maybe???)
I took a few pictures over the last few days of what I have done and now I am going to show them to you.
Please know these are not very exciting pictures. I tend to live a boring Monday - Friday life since I don't really enjoy going anywhere during the week.

Buckle up because here here go!

Last week I decided to make a long time coming paint color change in my kitchen. The previous owner of my house had one of the walls in the kitchen red. (Also had red carpet in the master bedroom!)
Bright/dark/bold red.
You couldn't miss it.
So ugly.
I never liked it.

Not one little bit.
Of course to be fair, I don't really like the color red.
At the time, I was too lazy to paint this particular wall when I painted the rest of my kitchen tan since the whole wall needed to be cut in with a paintbrush. She even had the inside of the window's sides red! It would have taken me too much time considering I painted almost every wall in my house during my first week as a homeowner. (Thanks again little brother for helping me!)

Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture (as usual).
Luckily I have pictures from when I first bought the house.

A different ugly dark color was on the others walls as well!
Did you notice the ugly linoleum flooring that was here when I bought the place?
Flooring throughout the WHOLE house was the first thing to go!

I just found a picture of the kitchen once we first painted. You can see the tan and the red together. This is a MUCH better before picture. (Except for the fact you can only see half of the wall I am referring to.)
What do you think?
Are you a fan of the red?
I sure hope you aren't. Like I said, I FINALLY painted over it.

It's gone!

Here's the kitchen now (in really bad lighting).
I should have taken this picture again - sorry about that.
Picture the same tan color from the above photo.
It's still a work in progress - needs window treatments and we still have to install the rest of the molding around the floor (which is now stained and ready to go), but at least you can see the difference in the colors.
I never realized the red made my kitchen so dark!
The tan makes the area look so much larger. Who knew?
Now that it is painted I wish I had done this MONTHS ago!

My mom and I are trading window valences so it will have more of a finished look very soon.
New Topic:
This will be my first year with a vegetable garden.
Obviously I am hoping to be successful. :)

A few weeks ago I planted my seeds in the house and now look at them:
 Green beans and 2 different kinds of tomatoes (above).
Cucumbers (all 8 pots have died!), zucchini, squash, and banana peppers.

Yesterday I went and bought more cucumber seeds and some jalapeno seeds. Had to also buy several bags of Miracle Grow gardening soil to fill in my raised garden.
Good thing I didn't pour my soil into my raised bed yesterday since Monday and Tuesday the high temperatures are only going to be in the 50s and my plants would have been outside.

New topic:
Matt and I decided months ago to get rid of all our DVD cases since they took up too much space... I finally got everything done which made more room on my bookshelf.
I re-arranged everything and even got rid of several books I won't read again. I have so few now. Makes me a little sad. :( On the other hand, they aren't worth keeping if I never read them again.

Not 100% in love with this setup, but I will continue to play around with it until I get the perfect organized look for me.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Got Something You Don't Have....

Guess what I bought???

I just mentioned it in my last post...

You guessed it!
I bought the Peeps I had previously seen at Kroger. I couldn't resist. When I went to Kroger yesterday I was determined not to pay more than $2/pack. They were $2.40/pack - I decided to buy them. I didn't want to chance them being gone if I kept waiting for the price to go down.
I like them so much!
They make me happy just looking at them!
They are very cheaply made (in China), but I plan on using them for decorative purposes only and it won't matter. If I was buying them for kids to play with I would have probably passed due to the poor quality. Good thing they are just for me!

When I remove the tags from these cute little guys I bet you will think they are food.
Especially with these sort of pictures.
(They were taken with my iPOD this evening. Hence the fuzzy looks.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dog In The Dress

My little Wyatt won't stop licking his weenie. (I know, TMI.)
I took him to the vet who charged me $80 and gave him a shot and some medicine.
Didn’t change anything.

Then I bought him a cone.
He just walked around all pitiful and kept running into things.
I felt sorry for him.
As of Friday morning I have mostly been putting him in a baby outfit.
A girl baby outfit.
In my defense, that was all I had on hand that would fit him without me cutting holes.
It is a little big on him and he does step on the *cough*dress*cough* part.
BUT, it doesn’t allow him to lick that area!
So if you ask me, it is working.
I do take it off of him when he is outside, eating, or I am fully watching him. I no longer trust him at night. I think he gets up during the night just to lick it.

Both Friday and yesterday while I was at work he got the dress off!
I don't know how he does it!

He just needs to stop licking ASAP!
If not, I don't know what I will do. I guess he will have to wear this (above) FOREVER!

P.S. I did try taking his picture when he was walking around, but he wasn't having it! Every single picture I took is blurry - AHHHHHH!!!!!

Target has Easter clearance at 90% off -
The basket matches my guest room's walls. Not sure what I'll do with it, but for $0.80 it was too good to pass.
Bunnies and eggs are my Easter theme. I ESPECIALLY like Peeps which these 2 bunny banks resemble.

Kroger has a pack of 4 small stuffed animal Peeps and Chicks - sugar coated marshmallows - that I found on Saturday. I placed them in my cart since they were half off and I figured they would be about $2. Nope! $4 - they were regularly priced at $8! Are you kidding me??? I returned them. Even the young lady at customer service couldn't believe how much they were. After work tomorrow I am going to stop in there and see if they are 75% off. If so, I GOTTA get them!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

I have a YUMMY for your tummy recipe!

You are in for a GREAT meal if you are willing to try this one!

Crockpot Pulled Pork
(Picture was taken an hour or so after we ate it.)
My co-worker gave me a wonderful recipe that she claimed was the best. S
aid her and her husband eat it all the time.
I decided I wanted to give it a try.
And I did.
And it was so delicious!
I plan on having some of the leftovers tomorrow.
Then the next next day.
Maybe the following day if there is more.
Which I think there will be.
Even Matt liked it!

Here's the recipe:

Pork Loin
1/2 cup Ketchup
1/2 cup Vinegar
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1 can of Coke (I used Dr. Pepper)
1 cup Water
Few shakes of any seasonings you have/like
Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

In crockpot, set to low heat, add all ingredients except BBQ sauce.
Cook for 6-8 hours or until easy to shred. (We did 8 hours.)
Drain and place meat back into crockpot.
Shred with a fork. (Should be able to do this very easily.)
Try a bite - or two. I won't tell.
Add desired amount of BBQ sauce.
Eat another small bite.
Cook for 30 minutes.
Add to sandwich buns and enjoy!

Let me know if you try this!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paint Spot Pickup

We FINALLY picked up our finished items while we were out today!
(See previous post)

We are both very pleased with how they turned out.
I didn't think they would look as good as they do!

They aren't perfect, but they were made by us!

I painted the cupcake and Matt painted the bowl for Wyatt.

Wyatt has already ate out of his.
I think he enjoyed it.
He likes the red.

My cupcake is currently on my dresser.
Not sure what I will use it for.
I will come up with something.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paint Your Own Pottery

A few weeks ago I painted a canvas and now this past weekend I painted ceramic!
I'm just a painting addict now!
Ummm... not really.... that was a joke.
If I was addicted to painting I would be THRILLED to paint anything don't you think?
Okay, maybe not thrilled, but willing.
And I can assure you I do NOT want to paint my trim in my house.
Not one little bit.
I can't even pretend that I want to. I'm not a good actress.

I'm getting off track though.
Like I was saying before I got distracted...

In addition to all the fun Matt and I had over the weekend we also went and painted pottery. It is something I had been wanting to do for YEARS! Literally!  When I saw a Groupon online for a place near me I decided to purchase 2 for us to use. I bought these several months ago and for whatever reason we waited until now to use them. Please note this is not a cheap hobby. At this place it costs $8 per person to paint plus the price of the pottery (not cheap). But definitely worth doing from time to time.
(I can already picture bringing my future children here! He he he!)

We picked a good day to go - Saturday - when the U of L versus UK (U of L lost) game was on - which made the place almost empty.
I asked the lady if it was always this empty and she said it is usually packed during the weekend! So I'll say it again; we picked a very good day to paint!

When we first walked in the place we were greeted and the lady asked us if we had ever painted pottery. We both said no (even though Matt evidently painted in school). She explained the costs, noticed our Groupon coupons in my hand, told us to pick out our pieces, and to sit at any table we wanted to and she would come to us to explain everything.
It took me what seemed like FOREVER to decide what to paint!
So many choices!

You could select a dish;
Or any of the different objects and figures.
(You can also see the items people have already painted and are ready to be picked up on the right.)
I chose to paint a cupcake and Matt chose to paint a dog bowl for Wyatt. The cost of these pieces were $18 and $19.

Once we had our 'canvases' and picked a table, the lady told us where the paints, brushes, stamps and other items were located. She explained to us how on each tile there are two colors - the lighter shade is the color with one coat of paint and the darker color shows what it will look like with three coats of paint. Once you know what color(s) you want you then select the correlating numbered bottle of paint. Very simple.

She also explained these helpful hints on our table:
Here are the few pictures I took while we were painting:
I took a bunch of pictures of Matt's bowl.
He wanted it all red with just Wyatt's name and a paw or bone at the bottom. Sadly, the picture he put in the bowl smudged. A lot. Really bad. Couldn't be fixed. He was forced to paint it all black. He then removed some of the paint with the other end of his brush to write the word 'hungry'.
This is what we ask Wyatt when it is time for him to eat. He gets VERY excited!
I painted every inch of my cupcake - inside and outside. I mostly choose different shades of purple (my fav!) with a few pinks and blues.
I want this to be displayed in either my kitchen or bedroom.
I know I will smile every time I see either item since we had a wonderful experience.
 As you can see both pieces look very light colored. In one week we can pick them up after they have been 'cooked' and glazed. This will show the true colors on the items.
I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out once they are completely finished.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slacker Update

Yet again I am having to take the blog walk/talk of shame.
I am having to admit I haven't been around.
At all.
Not even one tiny little bit.
In fact, I barely get online these days.
I really only play games from my Ipod and then I am done.
Maybe it is because I stare at a computer screen all day at work.
Besides that, I'm not sure why I have such a hard time blogging these days. I have been busy with yard work, but I know that is a very poor excuse. I won't bother trying to tell you why I haven't. You should already know I have lazy periods of time. This is nothing new. Instead I am just going to move on and tell you the highlights of the last two weeks.

The main one being....

(Inset drum roll....)

We went and saw The Hunger Games two weekends ago!
I loved it!
Every single scene!
Not one I didn't enjoy!
I didn't think it would be very true to the book, but I was wrong.  So glad I was wrong!
It was exactly like the book for the most part! I loved it so much I am in the middle of reading it again. I can't help myself. :)
I'm addicted...
Is this a sickness?
I should Google it.

I loved all the characters except Gale - I would have chosen someone different if I was in charge of casting since I don't feel he fits that character the way he was described in the book.

Rue was EXACTLY who I thought she would be! Exactly! I keep reading all these stories on Yahoo and MSN talking about how some people who evidently are racist were claiming to not like or were refusing to watch the movie because of her and the other person from district 11 being of a different race.
People always want/need something to complain about.
Get over it!
Makes me so mad!
See page 98 where it says "She has bright, dark eyes and satiny blown skin....".
CLEARLY her race matches!
Did you even read the book????
(Sorry, moving on!)

I also really liked the girl who plays Katniss. I think she did a wonderful job!
Cinna is also perfect!

I want to see the movie again!
This is one I will have to buy!

I already have a manual nail gun, but couldn't resist buying an electric one at Target.
It claimed to be on clearance for $17 (Reg $40).
Imagine my surprise when it rang up $9.98!
I was debating not buying it... thank goodness I decided to hold on to it!
I want to find something to use this bad boy on. Should be MUCH easier than my manual one I got from Lowe's that cost a whole lot more.

These past two workweeks have been spent going to work (obviously) and working on my yard.
Seems to never end!
I am glad it isn't too hot out since I seem to be mowing every week. My yard is looking good in the front!
The back - whole different story since I have decided I don't care if weeds grow back there.
I hate those yellow flowers!
The white ones you blow and there seeds fly everywhere are even worse!
My backyard is covered in them!
And my front yard has more than it should. My co-worker told me I should be happy I have flowers since some people can’t grow any flowers.
Ha ha ha! Not funny!
I would rather not be able to 'grow' these ones!
Did make me smile when she told me that though.

I finally no longer have a 'rock garden'.
(I should have taken a 'before' picture.)
I moved all of these rocks above which were in a oval surrounded by a TON of smaller rocks like the ones you see in the flower bed behind the big rocks.
Took me several hours over several days!
In the end, those stupid little rocks filled a whole trailer full.


I'm not exaggerating.

After I moved as many as I could with buckets into one of my flower beds, a friend of mine came with her trailer and we shoveled the rest into buckets which we then dumped onto her trailer. I wish I had taken a picture of this as well. When I first started moving these rocks MONTHS ago I thought for sure I could fit them all into a few buckets. I was WAY wrong!
Once the majority of the rocks were removed I got down on my hands and knees to get up as many of the remaining rocks as I could. This was not easy since they were all halfway in the dirt and I had to pull them out AND try to avoid all the scary bugs. Which by the way there were a BUNCH of!
Of course while I was spending my evenings trying to get this hole done and over with, it had to rain.
Then my hole, as you can see, filled with water for two days.
I was a bit annoyed.

Once the water was gone I raked the area.
Bought 5 bags of dirt to cover the area.
This wasn't enough.
Had to buy 5 more bags of dirt - used 4.
Raked the dirt and made it as flat as I could.
Added grass seeds (should have covered with hay).
Still have no grass growing - just a few weeds. Hope it grows soon.

Friday was Matt's birthday...


Hope you had a wonderful time like you are claiming! ;)
Saturday we celebrated Matt's birthday at Joe's Crab Shack followed by a little playing on the slot machines at Horseshoe Casino.
We both lost.
Me, I always lose. Not a big surprise.
Matt, he tends to lose - eventually, but can usually make it last. Not this time. He spent more than double what I spent and was done before me.
I was shocked!
(He only lost $40 and I lost $13 - we are not big gamblers.)

We painted. I'll blog about that tomorrow. You know, so I have something to write about.
I am going to try to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday we watched 'The Lorax'.
I thought it was cute.
I seem to be the only one who remember the book AND the the 30 minute movie they used to show on TV!
I am going to see if the library carries it. If so, I am making Matt watch it!

I guess those are my main highlights.
The rest was really just normal day to day activities. I need to spice up my life. Ha ha ha! Actually, I don't have any plans on doing that. I am very happy with my life. :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my baby boy: