Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Painting Party

Check out my masterpiece!
Isn't it?
Would you believe me if I said I painted it all by myself?
Well, would you?
Do you?
Okay, okay.... I had a little help. He he he!

About a month ago I had suggested to my co-workers about this place you could go to and as a group we could learn to paint a picture in a few hours. They have a place very similar to this one by my mom and she raves about it so I figured it would be something fun for all of us to do one Saturday. 8 of my co-workers said they would like to go so we all decided on a picture and I set up a private party. (To have a private party at this place you need at least 8 people.) We ended up having 10 people - only 4 of them were my co-workers. Nice meeting new people!

Here's my experience....

When you first enter the building you pay to paint. Ours was a 2 hour class which made it $29 plus tax. (It would have been $39 plus tax for a 3 hour class.) You then picked up your canvas and 'rectangle' for your paint. Here you could also buy drinks.

You can see where you buy drinks in the picture and where you pick up your canvases. You can only make out a corner of the desk where you pay.
 This is the main painting area.
While we were there they had a class going on.
 We had a private party booked so we went in here.
 They already had  easels, paint brushes, and cups of water ready for us and we just had to pick a spot. Once I found a good spot I went and got an apron to wear so my clothes wouldn't get dirty in case I spilled paint or something like that. From the looks of these aprons one can only assume people wipe there painted hands on them. Maybe? Who knows. I think I wiped my brush on it a few times after I dipped it in the water to remove the color on it.
 Check out all the different painting they had hanging around the whole place... We had no idea there was so many to choose from. when we looked online we could only see the ones available for that particular month. Now we know and we will be better prepared next time.
 Here's where we got our paint.
 They had everything very organized down to how many squirts of each color you needed.
But FYI, they were WAY wrong on the blue paint!
I had to go back twice for more!

I forgot to take a picture of my setup before we started so this was taken a few steps into our painting.
Basically what you do is follow an instructor step by step. She tells you what color to use and where to use it.
Very simple!
And fun!

Scroll down to view my picture as it took shape. I tried taking a bunch, but now I see I didn't take as many as I thought I had.
Please keep in mind I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination.
This will become apparent as you continue to scroll down. Or maybe you will notice this on my first picture where I drew a horrible bottle on the left.
I learned I should be more fluid with my strokes instead of trying to make it look more 'even'. 
I'll be even better next time.

Once we were finished painting, our instructor asked us if we wanted puff paint.
We all did.
Basically it is a raised paint. She is the one who added the white puff outlines.
I think it makes the painting look even nicer!
My only regret is having her put my initials on it. I don't like how she made my 'J'.
Plus, I should have signed it with paint that way it was done by me.
Not a big deal - this is my first painting of many more to come!
This is the instructor's painting.
Mine looks different from hers.
My group took a group picture holding our paintings and they all look very similar yet different which I think is so cool!
I don't think any of ours look exactly like hers.

 I had such a good time and I am already looking forward to the next time I can paint another one.
Guess you could say I am hooked!
Matt even told me he would paint with me! Very exciting!

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