Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blah Blah Blah... More Blah

Sorry I have been MIA... I have been lazy and busy since I last posted. It seems like a lot has been going on, but not enough to write about a single event in one post. 

Warning, this will be a long post.

I have been:
1. Worrying/planning the wedding
2. Eating and exercising better
3. Cleaning/making more room for Matt's stuff
4. Helping Matt's mom move houses
5. Reading some good books
6. Spring cleaning

I have experienced:
7. My mom's birthday
8. Tornado in my area
9. No heat

(I'll start with the bottom and work my way up.)

9. Monday when I walked into my house after a long day of work I noticed my floor felt cold to my feet. I ignored it and went and got Wyatt off the couch to take him outside to relieve himself. 

That's right - my dog hasn't greeted me at the door in MONTHS! He doesn't even start stretching until I bring all my stuff in the house, take my shoes off and walk into the living room to go greet him. 
Me greet him!
Me greet my dog!
What kind of dog is he????
Most dogs are happy to greet their loved ones at the door!
That used to be my dog!
Now he is too lazy!

When we came back into the house I noticed the floor still felt cold through my socks. On my way to my bedroom I glanced at my thermostat. It said it was 58 degrees in my house even though I had the heat set to 69 degrees.
Talk about panic!
I knew something was wrong.... why else would it be so cold in my house?
I called Matt immediately!
Per his instructions I turned my heat off, back on and raised the heat. My furnace's fan was spinning but my gas was not lighting.
He asked if I paid my gas bill. Of course I did - I keep a spreadsheet on my computer at work to track my bills! In the off chance I didn't pay it I double checked to make sure I did and sure enough I had. 
He told me to check the water to see if it was hot. It was. 
He told me to take a shower and see if my water re-heated. It did. 
So my furnace either needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. Since Matt used to do heating and air for a living I have decided not to call someone out to my house. I am going to wait until this weekend when he is here. Hopefully he can get everything fixed for me. I made this decision since Monday was the coldest night of the week. It got done to 29 degree and my house stayed at 56 degrees.
Wyatt and I spent the evening under blankets in the living room while I ate and then we moved to my bedroom. I closed the door and turned on my space heater for the night. I kept it at 68 degrees and we stayed nice and warm. I did feel bad about leaving Wyatt there all day while I was at work... I did put a shirt and sweater on him to keep him warm.
It has warmed up from the first day. Every day when I get home (except today) I have been opening my windows to allow warm air in and cold air out. I am very fortunate this hasn't been a very cold week. 
However, I cannot wait until Matt fixes it! Because it's cold in my house this very minute. Luckily I'm cheap tough! 

8. Tornado threats dismissed my office 2 hours earlier than normal on Friday. When I got home it was 74 degrees with the sun out and the wind blowing. About an hour later the tornado sirens were going off and it was cloudy and the wind was blowing even worse. 
Talk about a 180!
I got nervous.... me and Wyatt went and sat in the laundry room with a bunch of blankets. I wanted to make sure I could cover us in the event things got flown around or anything since my laundry room door is a slotted pocket door. I was smart enough to close all my bedroom and bathroom doors which would have protected me even more if my windows broke since my laundry room is in the hallway between all these rooms.
I got a little scared when the hail started to pound my house. I thought for sure one of my windows had been broken. I didn't hear glass shatter so I have no idea why I thought that had happened. Guess it was me over imagining things. I tend to do that when I am scared.
No damage to my house thank God!
About 45 miles to my north they did not fare as well. 
My heart and prayers go out to southern Indiana and all the other places that got hit bad by the storms. 

7. My mom's birthday was this past weekend. We celebrated by going out to lunch and then her and G got to hang out in the big city while I dog sat her baby aka her favorite child. He he he!
No, I am not jealous. :)
He is her one 'child' who hasn’t left the 'nest' which makes him her favorite in my opinion. Am I right mom?

6. As of yesterday I have officially started to clean my house top to bottom. I want to have everything cleaned by the end of this month so I can enjoy the Spring weather. I love days when you can have your windows open and feel the breeze coming in. Always makes me feel nature is purifying my air by removing all the toxins.
Unofficially I have already gone through my clothes and re-organized my two spare bedrooms. Officially I have cleaned my windows and organized my bedroom closet. I keep trying to make room for Matt's clothes in my closet... I did make him a little room, but not enough for him to have all of his clothes in there. I am going to try and talk him into either having his clothes in the other bedroom's closet or else I want to makeover my closet and have two rows or hanging clothes.
I like the second option the best. We should both be in there. (He has already told me he is okay with his clothes being somewhere else.)
I hope we do that.
I already have four dresser drawers empty for him. Once he moves his dressers to my house (they are not going into our bedroom) I will move my out of season pjs and miscellaneous clothes to one of them and then he will have at least another two drawers. 
I plan on going to garage sales to hopefully buy a nightstand so we both have one of those - my room will then be all set to become our room.

5. I have read so many wonderful books in the past month and I am so thankful I have the library and I don't have to buy all these books. 
Even though I secretly want to buy them all so I can sit and stare at them on my bookshelf.
Yet another reason I like to read actually books.
I am also enjoying having a co-worker who loves to read as much as I do. We have been reading the same books and then we talk about them. I am having lots of fun doing this! I wish I had met her years ago! Makes reading more enjoyable. :)
My favorite recent books I have read:
The Hunger Games Series by Suzanna Collins
Divergent by Veronica Roth (next book comes out in May!)
Matched by Ally Condie (waiting on second book from library then a new one in November!)
If you have not read these books you are missing out! I could not put them down! I got my mom hooked to The Hunger Games - and I suggested she purchase Divergent... Now I just need to get everyone hooked.

4. Two weeks ago Matt's mom closed on her new house. That weekend I helped move her belongings to the new place. It is a cute place for her! She will surely make lots of new memories here. I want to get her a housewarming gift... I never know what to get people though. I am waiting until she is settled in and then maybe I can find out what she is wanting for her new place.

3. I really already discussed this in number 6 when I rambled on.

2. Weight loss has been going well. Actually, it has been going even better then well. It has been going great! As in Tony the Tiger's GREEEEEEEEEAT!
I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks! I am loving this!
I was doing good with drinking lots of water - now I am having a hard time sucking all those liquids down my gullet. 
I have been doing very good counting my carbohydrates, taking the stairs in the morning (I work on the third floor) and walking a little during my lunch break/after work. I have also been stretching. I have hardly any flexibility and I hate that! I need/want to be more bendable. 
My BMI has gone down 2 points! Still have a long way to go but I know I can do it this time! I want to lose weight for my overall health, my wedding, and so I can have a baby. I have a lot of motivation right now. I plan on weighing in again this Saturday so I will be sure to let you know how that goes. If I get my way I should be down another 3 or 4 pounds.
At this rate I should down a few dress sizes which will boost my confidence.

1. Wedding planning is overwhelming to me. There seems to be so much to do!

We have already:
Selected the wedding and reception location
Booked the wedding and reception location
Paid for wedding and reception location
Picked caterer (location's chef)
Made guest list
Registered at Target
Hired photographer
Paid half photographer fee
Selected accent color - purple (My Fav!)
Wrote invitation wording
Had our moms OK invitation wording
Bought stamps
Bought invitations
Bought bubbles
Booked part of our honeymoon

We still need to:
Hire pastor
Make invitations
Send out invitations
Decide on wedding food menu (can only choose 2 options)
Book hotel for night of wedding
Buy wedding dress
Buy accessories
Buy wedding suit
Buy wedding favors
Book other half of our honeymoon
Book hair appointment
Book make-up appointment
Order flowers
Decide how to decorate wedding 'arch'
Make wedding music play list

I fear I can keep going on and on with my 'we still need to' list. At least I feel pretty good about all the things we have already accomplished. Our biggest obstacle at the moment is finding someone to marry us. Surely we can find someone soon. 

Does this posting prove to you I have been very busy/lazy?
It should.
Talk to you later Bloggy friends!