Friday, February 17, 2012

Phentermine To The Rescue!

After much debating with myself I decided to go to a weight loss clinic for help starting my weight loss and lifestyle change journey.
I need help.
I can’t do it alone and I am sick of being overweight, unhealthy, a slave to food and tired.
I need energy!
I need energy to eat better and exercise!
No matter how badly I want it I have not been able to do it.
At first I felt this was me taking the easy way out and I didn't want to do that.
However, I no longer feel that way. I HAVE been trying to eat better and exercise AND have been failing!
Failing miserably!
Very miserably!
In fact, I keep gaining weight!
I can do good for one day and then I lose my will power which is when I end up sitting on the couch in front of the TV while I eat chips - large amounts of chips! Followed by more chips. Or maybe followed by ice cream. Or pudding. Or candy. Or Popsicles.
You get the picture.
Being fat and lazy was winning! And I was beginning to think I could never win.
I want to feel better about myself!
I want to be fit!

By Monday I had decided I wanted to be prescribed Phentermine. I called my primarily care doctor's office and inquired about the pill. The reception told me they would not prescribe it and if I wanted to get it I would need to go through a weight loss clinic. Immediately after hanging up the phone I Googled an office in Louisville and emailed them for prices and more information. While I waited for a response I looked up reviews on the product. They were very encouraging. Side effects people reported seemed like things I could deal with. I figured the benefits would outweigh any of the negatives I read about. Shortly after emailing the clinic I got a response telling me the prices and a little more information as I had requested. I talked it over with my mom and Matt and then decided to sleep on it. As with every drug, there are risks involved. Risks I was willing to take. Being overweight makes my risk of having a stroke, heart attack or several cancers way higher then they need to be.

It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon I decide to call and make an appointment.
I made the appointment for the very next day which was yesterday. I wanted to get the appointment over with as quickly as possible before I had an opportunity to change it again. I wanted to stick with my choice. I am already glad I did.
All day before my appointment I was nervous.
Nervous because I knew they would be drawing blood and giving me a shot. I hate needles.
Nervous about the unknown. Would they tell me I was too fat? Too thin? In bad health? I didn't know what to think.

I arrived at my appointment early and had a chance to ask another lady who was also waiting a few questions. She has had a wonderful experience with the pill. I could tell from how she looked she had been successful.
I signed in; had no paperwork to fill out since I had already printed the paperwork from their website and had it all ready. I got called to the back very quickly. They weighed me, checked my body fat, checked my pulse, checked my blood pressure, drew blood, gave me a B6/B12 shot, checked my thyroid, listened to my heart and breathing and gave a nutrition class. Then the doctor asked a few questions and gave me the option of three different appetite suppressants. I had already done the research on Phentermine and know some people who have been on it so I knew before ever going to the clinic that was what I wanted even though she said all three pills would work the same.

Fast forward to this morning....
I woke up feeling wonderful!
I KNEW today was the first day of the rest of my life (in reference to my body and health)!

I peed and weighed myself - my scale, as of this morning, said I weighed 206.5. The doctor's scale read 211.1 when mine read 207.something yesterday.
Next week when I go to the doctor's office I will weigh myself right when I get home before I eat anything to know what the exact variation is.I then measured different areas of my body and took several 'before' pictures (for my eyes only). I took some with just undergarments on and some fully dressed. I think I am going to print one of these pictures and place it on my bathroom mirror to keep me motivated.

I took half a pill this morning at 6:40 AM (will take the other half tomorrow followed by a full pill the next day) - the pill is suppose to last 13 hours. I am not sure how long it really will last so I wanted to make sure I took it early enough so I wouldn't be up all night; late enough so it wouldn't wear off too early in the evening and I would be starving.
Once the pill is taken you are not suppose to eat for a full hour.

Let me tell you - I FELT like a million bucks!
I had so much energy!
What a wonderful feeling!
About 20 minutes after taking the pill my throat felt like I had 'cotton mouth'. My throat, not my mouth - people from the reviews I read and even my doctor said I might experience dry mouth - no one mentioned my throat. It didn't bother me. I drank 26.3 fluid ounces of water and was good to go.
I have drank so much water today! Which then makes me pee a lot, but I am loving this! Once I am off this pill I need a new pill that gives me the 'cotton moth' feeling. :)
Do you know if they offer it?
If not, I need someone to invent it. Fast!

Normally I eat breakfast by 6:30 so eating today was a bit late for me but that's okay. I ate some baby carrots and then waited a couple of hours and I ate some beef jerky. For lunch I ate 1 cup of grapes and a packet of tuna. I chewed on 2 sticks of gum while at work to help me as well.
On my lunch break I walked around outside for 26 minutes start to finish. I was very proud of myself. At home I took Wyatt around the block. Of course, we walked slow since he is short and has small legs. I am hoping to lift some weights tonight and maybe do some stretching.

Another good thing I did was drop off paperwork to join the YMCA. They have a program where they help with the monthly fee so I applied for it since the amount they are charging is a bit of a stretch for me. However, I have already gotten a phone call from the lady saying I do not qualify for the financial aid since I make more then $25.000. WOW that's low! Maybe I am better off working out on my Wii and walking. I still might join - I just gotta think it through.

This pill has given me so much energy and the power to resist food and drink lots of water.
Day 1 is not over yet but I am sure I will be successful all day.
I can hardly wait to see how I'll look and feel next week.
I know I can do this!
I can exercise and eat better thanks to this pill!
Keep reading as I report about my experience on this pill. I promise to write about the good stuff and the bad stuff. I do not want to mislead anyone.

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