Thursday, February 9, 2012

Location Is Everything... Haven't You Heard?

Wedding planning might not be moving along as quickly as me or my mom would like, but at least we have gotten a few things done such as:
   - Settled on a date
   - Searched/viewed locations
   - Selected location
   - Booked location
   - 'Hired' wedding cake maker
   - Selected reception spot and caterer
   - Made a guest list
   - Ordered and received 'Save the Date' magnets
   - Ordered and received 'Thank You' cards
   - Decided on pastor (need to ask him)

I made my list look long even though we haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked.
I am still proud of what we have done.

The date was the number one decision we made - after that, the location.
I thought for sure since we chose a date in May finding a location would be very difficult - we got lucky. We found the place we wanted to get married after only looking at two places in person. In fact, we viewed this location twice. We even took our parents here to look around and we all had lunch so we could sample the food to see if we wanted them to cater our wedding. Which we did. It will be easier hiring them to cook and prepare our food instead of us having to worry about everything. Our wedding is going to be small and you must purchase at least $500 worth of food from them even though I don't think we will even need that much food. I don't like this - I guess we will be ordering an extra fruit or vegetable platter if needed to add more money to our total.

Wanna see where we have chosen to get married???
At a state park overlooking the lake!
Pretty, huh?
Try to picture white plastic chairs in front and I am thinking I want fresh white rose petals making an aisle for me to walk down. Wonder how much that would cost?

I don't particularly like the benches - I wonder if we can disguise them somehow???
Any ideas?
Maybe we can decorate them with flowers and/or garland; then perhaps you won't notice them as much.
Any decorating and cleaning that has to be done is our responsibility. I want to decorate the area we will be standing under. I am thinking white mesh material and flowers or maybe garland.
I am open to suggestions on this as well.
We will have the area all day and we plan on marrying at 1 PM so I know we will have plenty of time to get everything completed.

Here's a closer view of where we will be standing when we recite our vows.
If it ends up raining on our wedding, we will be getting married in front of this fire place.
I will be praying it does not rain.
I have my heart set on getting married outside. That is one of the few things I knew for sure I wanted even before we started planning our wedding.

We have a little over 3 months until our wedding and I am sure we can get everything done in time. Matt and I need to decide what our invitations will say since my mom and I are making those in three weeks. In the meantime I need to buy the invitations we want to use and go to the post office to buy some nice postage stamps. I am hoping they have some heart ones. The invitations need to be in the mail the following weekend (the first in March).

We need to do a gift registry somewhere (maybe Target or Wal-Mart even though I hate this store) and make a free wedding website before invitations are made. This would be the easiest way to get out more information to our family and friends. I want to do a honeymoon registry if possible. (Along with the one store.)
I have been living on my own for several years now and I really already have everything newly married couples need. Is this tacky? I'll have to ask Matt how he feels about this before I settle one way or another.

As far as food, I have many options to choose from in reference to what we will be eating at the reception.
Matt and I think we will give our guests three options for them to choose from. These are the three we are leaning towards:
Lemon Pepper Baked Fish
Tender Grilled Chicken Breast
Roasted Inside Round of Beef Served with Rich Gravy
All meals are served with warm rolls, corn bread, tossed salad, one side item and a beverage.
(No vegetarian meal it seems - need one for one of our relatives)
We are thankfully allowed to bring in our own cake. I am thinking a 2-tiered cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top. Not sure what kind of cake - I do want white whipped frosting of some sort.

Just like my home buying experience, I will post everything we do up to our wedding.
Then I will probably write about our wedding and honeymoon.
So exciting!

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