Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm In The Wrong Profession

Who knew a photographer would cost so much money???
I am definitively in the wrong profession!

Matt and I have already talked about this some - I think while I'm off being a stay-at-home mom I will take some Photography and Photoshop classes and this could possibly be my new profession in a few years!
What you think???
No, I am not kidding!
I LOVE taking pictures!
AND it would be AWESOME to work only a few days a month outside of the house along with a few days inside the house on the computer and make as much, if not more, then I do now!
Yes, I do know it would be slow starting up, but that is okay since I was already planning on not working during this time. :)

Me, Matt and my parents went and talked to a photographer yesterday to get specifics on prices and details for our wedding.
Prior to going, I had guessed it would be $200 for 3 hours. And even at that I thought I was guessing high! Obviously I have never hired a professional photographer!

I had my list of questions ready:
Do you have my date available?
What do you charge for a few hours?
Does this include picture touch-ups?
Can I have the rights to all the pictures?
Will I get all the pictures opposed to a certain amount?
Will I receive them on a CD?
If you cancel what happens?
And of course my mom always knows the extra questions to ask.

The lady we met with charges:
$500 for 4 hours
$50 for gas
$350 for the rights to the pictures


Let me say that again.


All I could think about while there was "Along with everything else we are paying for in reference to the wedding, the amount sure keeps jumping up quickly!"

Was a bit overwhelming to me considering I thought it would be around $200.

She does touch-up the pictures and will deliver them to me on a CD which is something I was looking for.
Since my mom knows her she is willing to waive the $350 for the rights to the pictures. This is wonderful! Means I would own everything about the pictures and I can print as many as I want, when and where I want. This is important so I don't have to worry about picking my favorite pictures and/or not having enough pictures.

I only had my friend Heather's photographer's prices to compare to which were $100/hr and no gas or anything for the rights to the pictures. (Count really consider the gas a factor though since we are the ones who chose to have our wedding in a more remote location.)
I was smart enough to write down her number and tell her I would get back to her today though. I did this so I could compare it to other prices. While at work today I looked up a few and this seems to be in line with other prices.

I looked up and contacted the two photographers I had heard about by word of mouth. One hasn't gotten back to me and the other charges even more. I found a few on Craigslist and a local YardSale website and contacted them as well. Based on what I am getting I feel confident this woman is the best for us. So I called her this evening after stressing all day. In the next few weekends I have to give her half the money and we will sign a contract. I am glad this in one more item I can cross off my 'To do' list.

We are going to make sure we get our money's worth by taking family pictures with both sides of the family after our wedding.
Jeans and white t-shirts with my parents, brother, grandparents and my mom's brother and his wife.
Jeans and black t-shirts with Matt's mom and sister.
It will be nice to have all these pictures. 

Matt hates pictures and this is a wonderful reason to knock out family pictures. I already asked if I can have any pictures taken during my allotted time and she said yes. I am worried a little bit about the timeline, but I am just praying everything works out.

As of now, here is how my wedding day is planned:
11:30 - Photographer should have already arrived and will take pictures of me getting dressed with help from my mom followed by my own portraits.
12 - Me and Matt will be together alone with lots of pictures of just us.
12:30 - Pictures of Matt alone.
1 - Wedding. I want a TON of pictures! (I plan on having a list of everything I want along with the ones she recommends.)
2 - Lunch/Dinner
2:45 - 3:30 Family pictures with both sets of family in our jeans and t-shirts. 

Yes, I am wanting to pack lots in! 

Our wedding will not be one quickly forgotten!
I'll let you know why later - besides all the picture taking of course. :)

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