Monday, January 9, 2012

That Was One Hot Date!

I had me a hot date on Saturday!
He he he! ;)
I just wanted a catchy title! Did I catch your attention?
Matt and I decided to see a movie and go out to dinner.

A little Dinner and a Movie - do they still play that on Saturday evenings on TBS? Or was it on FX? Hmmm.... They used to play a newer movie while showing us how to cook something. You would also see behind the scenes footage and extras. I remember the guy from TRL (from way back when it first started - not Carson Daly) was on it with a blond lady.

We went and saw 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and then to Red Lobster.
Such a nice evening.
We RARELY go to the movies! We go like once a year - a few times a year we do go to the drive-in if you want to count those times as well.
I usually feel it is too expensive and not worth it so we just don't go.

Poor Matt always wants to go so I suppose you can have pity on him if you want. :)

Let me tell you - it was such a treat!
I told Matt maybe we should go once a month. That's how nice of an experience it was for me. The movie theater by me is only $6.50/person for a matinee so as long as we don't waste money on food and drinks I can rationalize it sometimes. Or even better, if we go on Tuesdays it is only $5/person. The seats are so comfy there and the place is actually clean with no sticky floors. Prior to this weekend I had only been to this particular theater one other time.

Sometimes I am too cheap for my own good and I miss out on experiences. I gotta stop doing that. To me, this is one step in that direction. I figure we save so much money from renting movies at the library we might as well treat ourselves.

Anyways, the movie was good. I liked it a lot even though I do think the other ones are better. Of course they ended it with an opening for another sequel. I am sure they will make another one since these always do good at the box office. And I am also sure Matt and I will go see it in theater. I think we have seen the last 2 in theater if I am remember correctly.Red Lobster was yummy but an annoying dinner experience. The silver lining was that I felt Matt and I were on a real date instead of just hanging out. We got there and was told it would be a 30 minute wait so we obviously stayed and waited. Didn’t get seated for about 40-45 minutes. Once seated they were so busy it took forever for our waitress to bring us our drinks. We got our salads and bread quickly followed by at least 25 minutes of waiting for our food. Then more waiting for our bill and to go box. We did have a good waitress at least - not her fault the whole place was so slow.

Sunday afternoon we went to the movie theater again and saw the movie 'The Sitter'.
This movie was funny and stupid. Was a good laugh but wouldn't be one I would want to see again.

I had a really good "coupon" which is why we ended up seeing 2 movies this weekend. We got in for $4/person each movie thanks to a deal I saw on Hip2Save. Gotta love coupon bloggers. :)

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