Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hallmark Card Holiday

Valentine's Day is on February 14th which happens to fall on Tuesday this year.
Even though I know it is barely a holiday and I really do feel it was invented by card makers like Hallmark and American Greetings to sell more cards, doesn't mean I don't like to celebrate it.
Unfortunately, this year (since it falls on Tuesday) I will be spending it alone.

All by myself.
No special meal.
No card.
No present.

*Insert sigh*

I guess I'll just have to go to work and spend that day sitting alone on my couch with no one to comfort me but Wyatt.
Maybe I will get a pint of ice cream and eat my sorrows away.

*Insert another sigh*

(Matt and I will celebrate the weekend before - I'll be okay!)

None the less - I still like to decorate the holiday.
Such a pretty holiday with all reds and pinks for everything!

Speaking of holiday decorations... I have already decorated.
I actually got my decorations out when Matt and I put away my Christmas decorations since they were up in the attic.

My love tree!
I love it!
This year I decided to decorate with blue and purple beads along with my red heart ornaments.
(This is the same tree I will use to make my Easter tree - stay tuned.)

My table!
 I have a bunch of different heart place mats and like to switch them out every so often.
I am hoping since I have it looking good I won't use my table as a dumping ground.
You can see a book I tried to hide on the lower right corner of this picture - prime example of my dumping.
And what you don't see is how this same chair has 2 coats on it along with my purse, lunch bag, and a curtain.

These are my masterpieces I spray painted about a month ago!
 All I did for these were placed pinkish/purplish heart ornaments in with pink and red heart 'stones'.
They look better in person.
Really colorful!

In my bedroom, on my dresser ,I went from this:
(Saving the empty frames - which are always - for wedding pictures.)
 To this:
 This is my favorite decoration this year!
I used my hurricane vases I made (by gluing 2 pieces together) and placed a candle in the middle of more pink heart 'stones'.
I was going to throw away these candles! Can you believe that?
I no longer needed them for my Christmas decorating and had them in a bag to go to Goodwill when I decided to see what they would look like. Good thing I hadn't taken that bag yet.
 Here's a closer look.
I have a few more decorations around my house but those all consisted of me just putting items out.
All of these are things I made and actually put some effort into them.
I spent $0 decorating!
My favorite price!

Hope you like!

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