Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Married Is Work

Planning a wedding is a lot of work.
No one told me this.
I thought it would be very simple.
I should have know it wouldn't be since I am not very decisive when it comes to making these kinds of decisions.

This is just like my home buying experience. Fun until it is me doing it.

I have made a list of everything that needs to be done and I'll cross them off as I go.
I might be missing some things so I will be sure to add these as they are brought to my attention. I'll post it on here once I am a little more sure of everything.

As of this evening Matt and I have settled on a date, pastor, and a guest list.
Whoo hoo!
And now we have 5 months to do everything else that leads up to our big day.

A few things I want to accomplish within the next 2 weeks are to find a location, book the location and ask the pastor if he will marry us.
I am hoping once we have these tasks done the rest will be easy and slide into place.
I am sure dress buying will be a bit difficult since I am overweight.
I am hoping to lose one size before I start shopping though. I have started to eat less throughout the day and am making better choices. Now if I could just get my lazy butt off the couch and exercise I would actually start to see results. I really am trying this time.

I did start to read one of the wedding books I checked out from the library and learned how eBay is a good place to look for many items. It was saying how many people plan a wedding and then for whatever reason no longer need items and they sell them. So I checked it out a few minutes ago and sure enough - there are THOUSANDS of items on there! Maybe once I try on some dresses and know what I like I can search for it online and get a better deal. If I need table runners or anything like that I should have no problem finding those either.

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