Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 More Months

In exactly 4 months....
I'll be MARRIED!


Very exciting!

In the meantime, I need to stop eating and exercise!
I don't want to be a fatty on my special day!
(I fear I am running out of time!)

I did do 11 minutes of exercising while watching a workout video last night. I wanted to do the same thing today, only my legs are way too sore! I need to stretch for a few days before doing much more. It's sad how un-flexible I am.  

I really WANT to do this!
I really NEED to do this!

And only I can motivate myself!

First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby in a baby carriage!

And I am ready to start both marriage and a baby!

Want and need to lose weight to accomplish both those goals!

P.S. I am not having a baby right now - just want to start trying once I am married.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kroger's Mega Coupon Event

It has been a long time since I have had a really good/cheap shopping experience and I wanted to make sure I shared this one with you so you can go to Kroger and experience the same as me.I did this in 3 transactions. Could have been 2 if I had all my coupons in my purse (opposed to some in my car). I did technically do this all in one trip though - in between each shopping trip I would place everything in my trunk
and then organize what I was doing next.

Right now at Kroger when you buy any 10 participating items you receive $5.00 off which equals to $0.50 off each item.
You can only do this deal twice per transaction meaning you need to split up your order if you want more than 20 items.
I have messed up in the pass so I suggest you watch and count as the cashier  rings up all your items. There will be a '<+' sign next to each item that qualifies.

Here's what I bought for $17.17:
(Keep in mind I do not pay tax on food in KY)
All prices are after the $5.00 off.
All coupons up to $0.50 are doubled.

  • 7 Boxes of Mom's Best Cereal $0.99 each
  • Used 2 $1.00 off coupons = 4 @ $0.50/each and 3 @ $0.99/each
  • 7 Red Gold Tomatoes $0.59 each
  • 3 Kleenex Tissues $0.99 each
  • Used 3 $0.50 off coupons = FREE
  • 13 Hunts Tomatoes $0.59/each
  • Used 1 $0.45 off 3, 2 $1.00 off 2, 2 $50 off 3 coupons
  • 9 balance Bars $0.49/each
  • Used 3 $1.00/3 coupons = $0.19 each
  • 1 Frank's Hot Sauce $2.09
  • Used $0.45 off coupon = $1.09
    Non Mega Event items:

  • 4 Reach Floss $1.05
  • Used 4 $1.00 off coupons = $0.05/each
  • Luna Bar $1.19
  • Used FREE coupon = FREE
  • Bare Naked Granola $3.85
  • Used $2 off coupon = $1.85
  • Bumble Bee Tuna $1.00
  • Used $0.50 off coupon = FREE
  • 3 Tuna $1.59 (I thought this was $1.25 - wouldn't have bought it had I known)
  • Used 3 $0.50 off coupons = $0.59/each
Not bad for less than $20!
All items I bought are items I usually use with the exception of the Balance Bars which I am hoping Matt will like to eat.
Wish I had more coupons to get a few more items.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hallmark Card Holiday

Valentine's Day is on February 14th which happens to fall on Tuesday this year.
Even though I know it is barely a holiday and I really do feel it was invented by card makers like Hallmark and American Greetings to sell more cards, doesn't mean I don't like to celebrate it.
Unfortunately, this year (since it falls on Tuesday) I will be spending it alone.

All by myself.
No special meal.
No card.
No present.

*Insert sigh*

I guess I'll just have to go to work and spend that day sitting alone on my couch with no one to comfort me but Wyatt.
Maybe I will get a pint of ice cream and eat my sorrows away.

*Insert another sigh*

(Matt and I will celebrate the weekend before - I'll be okay!)

None the less - I still like to decorate the holiday.
Such a pretty holiday with all reds and pinks for everything!

Speaking of holiday decorations... I have already decorated.
I actually got my decorations out when Matt and I put away my Christmas decorations since they were up in the attic.

My love tree!
I love it!
This year I decided to decorate with blue and purple beads along with my red heart ornaments.
(This is the same tree I will use to make my Easter tree - stay tuned.)

My table!
 I have a bunch of different heart place mats and like to switch them out every so often.
I am hoping since I have it looking good I won't use my table as a dumping ground.
You can see a book I tried to hide on the lower right corner of this picture - prime example of my dumping.
And what you don't see is how this same chair has 2 coats on it along with my purse, lunch bag, and a curtain.

These are my masterpieces I spray painted about a month ago!
 All I did for these were placed pinkish/purplish heart ornaments in with pink and red heart 'stones'.
They look better in person.
Really colorful!

In my bedroom, on my dresser ,I went from this:
(Saving the empty frames - which are always - for wedding pictures.)
 To this:
 This is my favorite decoration this year!
I used my hurricane vases I made (by gluing 2 pieces together) and placed a candle in the middle of more pink heart 'stones'.
I was going to throw away these candles! Can you believe that?
I no longer needed them for my Christmas decorating and had them in a bag to go to Goodwill when I decided to see what they would look like. Good thing I hadn't taken that bag yet.
 Here's a closer look.
I have a few more decorations around my house but those all consisted of me just putting items out.
All of these are things I made and actually put some effort into them.
I spent $0 decorating!
My favorite price!

Hope you like!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hall Closet

I have finally (after living here for 6 months) cleaned and organized my linen/stock closet.

 **Insert 'OOOOOOOOOH'!!!**

**Insert 'AHHHHHHH'(s)!!!**

Amazing, I know!
I had just been 'throwing' everything in here without worrying about what it looked like since it was behind a closed door, but now I felt the need to clean and organize.
On to the 2 top shelves I have extra linens - not all of them - just most of the sheets. The rest are in another closet. Perhaps I should go through them and get rid of a few.
However, I have a hard time getting rid of anything. Never know when I will need them or when a ton of people will be staying at my house. (I wont have enough beds...)
Ignore the white curtains in the middle. I was trying to get them higher up on top of everything - couldn't reach and I was too lazy to get a chair to reach higher.
Next shelf down (from left top to right bottom) has:
Container of Plackers floss and razor blades (Random mix, I know.)
Container of miscellaneous items such as hair ties and makeup
Basket of hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, hair gel, hand sanitizer, and lotion
Container of floss - a lifetime supply probably - about 40 packs
In the middle is 3 bottles of mouthwash and a whiting strip kit

Closer look into this basket:
Moving on to the next shelf..
Container of deodorants
Basket of body soaps and more hand soaps
Container of extra toothpaste and toothbrushes
Container of glow sticks
Extras on this shelf include Q-tips and Gentle Wipes

Closer look into this basket:
On the floor I keep:
Basket of pads/tampons
Container of band aids and first aid items
Toilet Cleaners
Shower head
There you have it... my linen closet.
Yes, I do stockpile to some degree. I like to have extra items so I don't run out and then have to pay full price for toiletries. Do I feel I can do better then what I currently do?
Yes, I do.
I don't like paying very much for these items and refuse to spend more then a few minutes checking out which store to shop at and what to buy. I also don't want to be one of those couponers who allow her stuff to take over her house. (See Extreme Couponers on TLC for examples.)
I feel my stockpile is the correct size for me and Matt.
I just wish I had more shampoo and conditioner. I only have a few bottles left. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Married Is Work

Planning a wedding is a lot of work.
No one told me this.
I thought it would be very simple.
I should have know it wouldn't be since I am not very decisive when it comes to making these kinds of decisions.

This is just like my home buying experience. Fun until it is me doing it.

I have made a list of everything that needs to be done and I'll cross them off as I go.
I might be missing some things so I will be sure to add these as they are brought to my attention. I'll post it on here once I am a little more sure of everything.

As of this evening Matt and I have settled on a date, pastor, and a guest list.
Whoo hoo!
And now we have 5 months to do everything else that leads up to our big day.

A few things I want to accomplish within the next 2 weeks are to find a location, book the location and ask the pastor if he will marry us.
I am hoping once we have these tasks done the rest will be easy and slide into place.
I am sure dress buying will be a bit difficult since I am overweight.
I am hoping to lose one size before I start shopping though. I have started to eat less throughout the day and am making better choices. Now if I could just get my lazy butt off the couch and exercise I would actually start to see results. I really am trying this time.

I did start to read one of the wedding books I checked out from the library and learned how eBay is a good place to look for many items. It was saying how many people plan a wedding and then for whatever reason no longer need items and they sell them. So I checked it out a few minutes ago and sure enough - there are THOUSANDS of items on there! Maybe once I try on some dresses and know what I like I can search for it online and get a better deal. If I need table runners or anything like that I should have no problem finding those either.

Monday, January 9, 2012

That Was One Hot Date!

I had me a hot date on Saturday!
He he he! ;)
I just wanted a catchy title! Did I catch your attention?
Matt and I decided to see a movie and go out to dinner.

A little Dinner and a Movie - do they still play that on Saturday evenings on TBS? Or was it on FX? Hmmm.... They used to play a newer movie while showing us how to cook something. You would also see behind the scenes footage and extras. I remember the guy from TRL (from way back when it first started - not Carson Daly) was on it with a blond lady.

We went and saw 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and then to Red Lobster.
Such a nice evening.
We RARELY go to the movies! We go like once a year - a few times a year we do go to the drive-in if you want to count those times as well.
I usually feel it is too expensive and not worth it so we just don't go.

Poor Matt always wants to go so I suppose you can have pity on him if you want. :)

Let me tell you - it was such a treat!
I told Matt maybe we should go once a month. That's how nice of an experience it was for me. The movie theater by me is only $6.50/person for a matinee so as long as we don't waste money on food and drinks I can rationalize it sometimes. Or even better, if we go on Tuesdays it is only $5/person. The seats are so comfy there and the place is actually clean with no sticky floors. Prior to this weekend I had only been to this particular theater one other time.

Sometimes I am too cheap for my own good and I miss out on experiences. I gotta stop doing that. To me, this is one step in that direction. I figure we save so much money from renting movies at the library we might as well treat ourselves.

Anyways, the movie was good. I liked it a lot even though I do think the other ones are better. Of course they ended it with an opening for another sequel. I am sure they will make another one since these always do good at the box office. And I am also sure Matt and I will go see it in theater. I think we have seen the last 2 in theater if I am remember correctly.Red Lobster was yummy but an annoying dinner experience. The silver lining was that I felt Matt and I were on a real date instead of just hanging out. We got there and was told it would be a 30 minute wait so we obviously stayed and waited. Didn’t get seated for about 40-45 minutes. Once seated they were so busy it took forever for our waitress to bring us our drinks. We got our salads and bread quickly followed by at least 25 minutes of waiting for our food. Then more waiting for our bill and to go box. We did have a good waitress at least - not her fault the whole place was so slow.

Sunday afternoon we went to the movie theater again and saw the movie 'The Sitter'.
This movie was funny and stupid. Was a good laugh but wouldn't be one I would want to see again.

I had a really good "coupon" which is why we ended up seeing 2 movies this weekend. We got in for $4/person each movie thanks to a deal I saw on Hip2Save. Gotta love coupon bloggers. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Engaged!

On January 1, 2012 - approximately 10:30AM...
Matt FINALLY asked me to marry him!

I couldn't be happier!

We think we will get married in April or May. Not 100% sure on a date yet.
I know we will have to choose this important detail soon, but I am not going to let it stress me.
For now I am focusing on where we will tie the knot and who we will invite.
I already have some ideas floating around in my head and bookmarked on my computer and once I have some concrete information I will let you know.