Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tennessee Titans

I went to my very first professional football game!
Tennessee Titans against New Orleans Saints - from my title of this post I am hoping you know we were for the Titans. Sadly, they did not win. The score was 22 to 17.

Still had a nice time though. Very exciting being at a game!

Matt was able to get a pair of tickets to today's game for free ($60 value each) from his employer which made this an inexpensive outing for us. We ended up parking a little bit away from the field - parking $10.
And we had popcorn, soda, and 2 sandwiches (like the Mc Rib) for a total of $25.
Not bad at all!

Walking from our parking spot to the stadium we were with a bunch of people who were also going to the Titans game. Even bigger crowds once we got to the entrance where we stood in line - then had to separate into appropriate female/male lines. This makes sense, but I was a little worried Matt and I would lose each other. 
Let me tell you; they actually pat you down! I had no idea. And they check your purse. Both of us got through no problems of course, but just so you know, the male lines went much quicker then the female ones. So glad someone in front of us was telling someone else or I would have been standing in the wrong line the whole time!

We had seats on the top tier of the stadium.
We walked so much to get up there! All up hill!
Here's the view we had when looking to the right. (I took these pictures on Matt's iPhone since I forgot my camera.... he only emailed me these 3. I guess I did tell him he only had to send 3...)
I liked the loud crowds and how everyone got all decked out in there favorite team colors!
I was a bit surprised to see so many New Orleans fans in Nashville! Seemed to be a ton of them!

We left the game at the end of the third quarter since I had to go pick up Wyatt from my brother's and then drive back home to Louisville.
Took a few pictures on the way back to the car:

They had the roads blocked which made this a good opportunity to snap a few pictures! :)

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