Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh So Pretty...

Last night while watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on DVD I decided to wrap my Christmas presents so I could enjoy them under my tree before giving them to the people I bought them for. By this time of the month, I should have all my wrapping done - not sure why I keep procrastinating with everything I want to get done.
Usually I use a mix of different wrapping paper with ribbons and bows - the cheap-o kind of ribbons and bows. For the past few years I have been mostly using red, white and green since I wanted to match my tree color scheme.
This year I have decided to be different.
Change is good.
Thanks to my vast amounts of gift wrapping supplies (I have a problem) I was able to choose a new color scheme.
I decided on blue and white with red, silver and gold accents.
I chose two different rolls of wrapping paper. One is blue with while snowflakes and the other is blue with penguins. I feel they complement each other. Plus, neither of these rolls were opened meaning no one has seen this paper from me. (One day I will have more than one Christmas tree and I will have to remember how pretty white and blue are together....)
A few years ago I bought about 15 rolls of ribbon very inexpensively at the Dollar General after Christmas. I have been saving them for who knows why. I would guess for a special occasion, but I honestly feel every Christmas is a special occasion so that can’t be why. Maybe I really am a hoarder.

Anyways - I decided this was the year I would use them. I didn't realize how little ribbon was on each roll so I will probably be using most of them since one roll seems to only be enough for one present. No wonder it was so cheap!
I will try my hardest not to collect all the ribbon back what the presents are opened.
Who am I kidding... I probably will!
Do they have a support group for people like me?
It took me HOURS to wrap all my presents since I was trying so hard to make them pretty and obviously I was watching my show. Not all of my items have nice pretty boxes so I had to use make shift boxes for some and for others I am wrapping as good as I can with the packaging the gifts are already in.
I am FAMOUS in my family for using food boxes to wrap my presents in! Makes the presents look nicer AND makes it harder for people to guess what is in it! Knocks two birds out with one stone!
I don't know how to make bows so mine look like I was tying my shoe laces.
I did try to get fancy with this red bow. What do you think?
By next year I need to watch some YouTube videos and learn how to make them even prettier!

Only 12 days until Christmas!

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