Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movies and Deals Galore

Had a wonderful weekend watching a TON of movies... and have even more to watch! (Seems the library got all the movies I had reserved at once - picked them up today.)

It has been a long time since I have rented any movies from Redbox, but I figured Matt and I would keep this weekend cheap and relaxing (mostly accomplished). Plus, there were a lot of movies I hadn't seen that the library does not have.
Of the movies I rented, here is how I felt about the movies we watched together and the ones I watched alone:

MONTE CARLO - cute girly movie... worth renting
30 MINUTES OR LESS - was alright... I thought this would be funnier then it was... rent if you have nothing else to see
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - this is the same movie as the one with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher... skip
GREEN LANTERN - decent... kinda boring... take it or leave it
HORRIBLE BOSSES - LOL funny!.... definitely rent this one.. I laughed several times!

I still have Smurfs and Crazy Stupid Love to watch. These 2 plus Horrible Bosses I got with 3 free Redbox codes - mine, my mom's and my brother's since they weren't using them! (Join Redbox's text messaging of deals for 1 free code at the beginning of the month.) Meaning I will have seen 7 movies from Redbox within 4 days for about $5. Not a bad deal at all!
At Kroger I bought 1 box of 3 bags of popcorn (already forgot the brand) for $1.99 minus a $0.55 coupon AND it has 1 free Redbox code! Loving it!
Last time they did they deal each box had 2 codes and a coupon for free soda when you buy 2 more boxes of popcorn. I must have bought about 20 boxes last time. Good deal worth taking advantage of if you seem them at your store. They expire 2012 September 30.

Speaking about good deals... I went to Kroger Friday after work to pick up my movies and a few groceries.
When I first walked into the store I saw 2 Kroger employees grocery shopping and they both had several logs of cookie dough. I figured they must be on a good sale or there were coupons next to the items. When I finally made my way to that section I noticed there was no price on them. I looked for coupons as well. Nothing
Just when I was about to walk away a Kroger employee went and grabbed one. I looked at the cookies - and without me saying anything she told me I should get some since they were on sale for $1 each.
So I did. And they rang up correctly.
10 of them! 4 different kinds!
Going to bake some in the morning to share with my co-workers.

Another good deal we scored was at Meijer.
Last week when I was in TN my mom printed me 2 coupons for $2 off Tyson fully cooked whole chickens. She had seen on one of the blogs I look at that Meijer had them on sale for $4.99. Made them $2.99 each. I had forgotten about the coupons. Bought 2 last night and then 4 more for $3.99 each (after coupons) today (the sale had gone off).
I didn't even know these were Tyson chickens, but sure enough they say so on the cardboard part.
Matt and I already separated the meat and freezer saved them all into several bags. This will feed us for a while.

CVS was a good score today as well.
Buy any 3 American Greeting cards and get $3 ECB back. (Just like RR at Walgreens.) I read on Hip2save you could buy 3 $0.99 cards and use a $2 off coupon. It worked! This ended up being a $2 money maker! We both did this transaction on our own CVS card along with 10 pack of candy canes for $1.27 and you get back a $1.27 ECB. Luckily we rang up with the store manager, who without asking us or telling us what she was doing, printed us each up a $2 ECB since the $1.27 ECB did not print out! What a nice manager!
We made some good money on this trip. :)

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