Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas - A Bit Late

I had a wonderful Christmas!
The best yet!

Everyone keeps telling me I say that every year, but it is true. Each year seems to be outdone by the previous years.
Or maybe I just feel that way since I am living in the present and I am feeling happy and filled with bliss. Just thinking about this past weekend puts a smile on my face.
It was wonderful!
Even though time flew, I feel I actually enjoyed my time and I didn't just watch it go by like the way I usually feel.

Thursday, when I got to TN, Matt and I did our usual dinner of Chick-Fila. Yum!
Drawing a blank on what else we did though. I am sure it will come to me once I am done blogging... always seems to work out that way.

Friday I went shopping with my mom and then with Matt. Afterwards we picked up Wyatt and took him to Matt's mom's house where he met her dogs - Coco and Rusty. Wyatt and Rusty liked each other for the most part. I really think he fit in well. He seemed to know they were 'his kind' (apricot toy poodles). He he he!

Saturday was Christmas Eve!
Matt and I went to visit his dad. I think the cemetery looked beautiful with all the wreaths. When we were leaving we saw a rainbow through the clouds - it hadn't rained. Made me think wonderful thoughts...
When we got back to my mom's house it was time for dinner. After dinner we went to church. Then Matt and I exchanged presents. We have been doing this every Christmas Eve since we have been together. I am like a little kid so it will be tough when we start exchanging presents on Christmas day instead. I'll be sure to wear my brave face even though I'll be having a mini fit in my head. LOL! (Yes, I am THAT person who likes to shake all her presents.)
Sunday was Christmas Day!
I opened presents with my family and then hung out until noon when I left to go to Matt's mom's house for Christmas dinner. Had a nice day there as well.

I am going to list what I got - more so I can remember then for you to actually know. Of course, every year I take a picture so I can remember and I save it on my hard drive. My mom used to take pictures as well and I still enjoy looking at those too. It is neat to look back on each Christmas and remember opening those specific gifts and how I felt and blah blah blah.
Moving on to the pictures...

From Matt:
Season 6 Everybody Loves Raymond
Seasons 6 and 7 Boy Meets World
Seasons 1 - 3 How I Met Your Mother
3 Purses

Food chopper
Snow Cone Maker
80 single portions of Popcorn

From my brother:
(not pictured)
Seasons 2 and 3 Dexter

From my mom and Greg:
 (I forgot to take a good picture at first)
Pandora bracelet with beads
Triple A Membership
Set of 2 Casserole Pans
Roasting Pan
Baking Sheets

Snow Shovel
Gardening Tools

Framed photo of my mom and Toby

From Matt's mom:
(See in first present picture)
Popcorn maker

From Matt's sister
(Not pictured)

I made out like a bandit this year!

Matt and I bought and then exchanged 'stuff' we bought the day after Thanksgiving along with a few other items. We were planning on buying these items either way so we might as well buy them for each other.
Makes sense to us!

Tastes just like movie theater and Target's popcorn!

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