Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holidays Under Glass

I can't sleep!
I suppose this is my fault since I decided at 4:30 - 5 PM to take a 4 hour nap!
I couldn't help myself!
In my defense, I didn't sleep well last night. Okay, maybe I am lying... You'll never know for sure though so let's just go with that. Sound good?
At least I got all my Christmas decorations, except for my tree, all packed up and ready to be stored in the attic. Good thing Matt will be here this weekend. :)
I had to go to Lowe's and buy 3 more Tupperware containers. (Not using all of the same containers I already had them stored in. So no, I did not buy more decorations.)

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful!
Today too! - 60 degrees!
In December....
In Kentucky...
Northern Kentucky....
Today I took Wyatt with me to do a little shopping and it was warm enough for me to have the windows down, wind in our hair and heads out the window. Actually, only Wyatt had his head out the window but you know what I mean. 

Yesterday I decided it was nice enough to go outside and get a few things done I had wished I had done a few weeks ago. Plus, my boss allowed us to go home an hour early - love days like those! (Went home early today too... shhhh!)
So what did I do? I scrubbed and vacuumed my car for one! It was nice getting in there this morning and knowing it was clean. Wyatt sat in his car seat while I vacuumed since he kept trying to go to the front yard- just goes to tell you how afraid of it he is. (He's not!)
I even straighten my garage and swept it.

While doing all this, I decided to finally get some spray painting done. I had done 2 coats about a month ago on the 'stands' for my cheese domes turned cloches and had left them to sit in my garage waiting for me.
Waiting for a day when it wasn't too cold to go out there.
I primed and painted them several coats of black. I am debating if I want to make them shiny. I am sure it will take me a few months to decided. It will probably be Spring by then which is fine by me.

This is where I should be posting a before and after picture. Evidently I forgot to take either of these pictures.
What a slacker I am!
Please forgive me.
Sometimes I am hopeless!
When looking at the pictures below, you see the shorter one is a stand all by itself and the taller one is a wooden candle stick with a candle plate on top of it (2 pieces). The taller one still needs to be glued together.

For fun, here are a few future looks I will have in my home:
(Will remove gold and add green balls)
4th of July
Memorial Day
Labor Day
I love them!
Once Matt takes down my Valentine's decorations Ifromt he attic will be on the hunt for something red and/or pink. I am hoping I already have something to go in my new decorations. If not, I will probably go buy something.

I plan on using these to decorate each holiday/season. :)

P.S.  I know I am very late to jump on this bandwagon...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas - A Bit Late

I had a wonderful Christmas!
The best yet!

Everyone keeps telling me I say that every year, but it is true. Each year seems to be outdone by the previous years.
Or maybe I just feel that way since I am living in the present and I am feeling happy and filled with bliss. Just thinking about this past weekend puts a smile on my face.
It was wonderful!
Even though time flew, I feel I actually enjoyed my time and I didn't just watch it go by like the way I usually feel.

Thursday, when I got to TN, Matt and I did our usual dinner of Chick-Fila. Yum!
Drawing a blank on what else we did though. I am sure it will come to me once I am done blogging... always seems to work out that way.

Friday I went shopping with my mom and then with Matt. Afterwards we picked up Wyatt and took him to Matt's mom's house where he met her dogs - Coco and Rusty. Wyatt and Rusty liked each other for the most part. I really think he fit in well. He seemed to know they were 'his kind' (apricot toy poodles). He he he!

Saturday was Christmas Eve!
Matt and I went to visit his dad. I think the cemetery looked beautiful with all the wreaths. When we were leaving we saw a rainbow through the clouds - it hadn't rained. Made me think wonderful thoughts...
When we got back to my mom's house it was time for dinner. After dinner we went to church. Then Matt and I exchanged presents. We have been doing this every Christmas Eve since we have been together. I am like a little kid so it will be tough when we start exchanging presents on Christmas day instead. I'll be sure to wear my brave face even though I'll be having a mini fit in my head. LOL! (Yes, I am THAT person who likes to shake all her presents.)
Sunday was Christmas Day!
I opened presents with my family and then hung out until noon when I left to go to Matt's mom's house for Christmas dinner. Had a nice day there as well.

I am going to list what I got - more so I can remember then for you to actually know. Of course, every year I take a picture so I can remember and I save it on my hard drive. My mom used to take pictures as well and I still enjoy looking at those too. It is neat to look back on each Christmas and remember opening those specific gifts and how I felt and blah blah blah.
Moving on to the pictures...

From Matt:
Season 6 Everybody Loves Raymond
Seasons 6 and 7 Boy Meets World
Seasons 1 - 3 How I Met Your Mother
3 Purses

Food chopper
Snow Cone Maker
80 single portions of Popcorn

From my brother:
(not pictured)
Seasons 2 and 3 Dexter

From my mom and Greg:
 (I forgot to take a good picture at first)
Pandora bracelet with beads
Triple A Membership
Set of 2 Casserole Pans
Roasting Pan
Baking Sheets

Snow Shovel
Gardening Tools

Framed photo of my mom and Toby

From Matt's mom:
(See in first present picture)
Popcorn maker

From Matt's sister
(Not pictured)

I made out like a bandit this year!

Matt and I bought and then exchanged 'stuff' we bought the day after Thanksgiving along with a few other items. We were planning on buying these items either way so we might as well buy them for each other.
Makes sense to us!

Tastes just like movie theater and Target's popcorn!

Miss Me???

Two weeks ago - on Saturday night - was just like any other night for me... Matt was here and we were watching TV while both of us were on our computers. (We are such nerds!) I was looking at projects from Tip Junkie moving from one blog to the next and sometimes going to other blogs that were on the sidebars of the blogs I was looking at.

I do this all the time so I had no reason to be cautious.
All of a sudden I get a pop up. I thought it was odd, but clicked on it to make it go away thinking it was telling me I had just won something or it wanted me to do a survey. Meaning I didn’t even read it! Next thing I know my whole computer is messed up! It kicked me off the Internet, wouldn't allow anything I clicked on to come up, and it slowed the entire processor down.
Couldn't open Mcafee.
Couldn't open Windows Defender.
Couldn't even open Microsoft Updates.
So frustrating!
I had gotten a virus/worm/malware somehow!
I immediately disconnected from my Internet so the hacker or whatever it was couldn't mess with my computer. I kept trying to fix it, but I was unsuccessful. This is the second time in the last year I have gotten a virus/worm/malware. Why/how does this keeping happening?
Matt's first response was to ask if I was on a porn website! Really?!?! A porn website??? No, I was not on a porn website!
Thankfully I am still friends with the computer guy at my last job and he was willing to fix my computer. This is the second time he has helped me with this. He is awesome!

I had not one, but two virus/worms/malwares! Two! OMG! 

This is why I haven't blogged. My only Internet access (with the exception of work) has only been from my iPod. So glad I have that to at least check my email and the blogs I have been going to for a long time.

Stay tuned for my Christmas update.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh So Pretty...

Last night while watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on DVD I decided to wrap my Christmas presents so I could enjoy them under my tree before giving them to the people I bought them for. By this time of the month, I should have all my wrapping done - not sure why I keep procrastinating with everything I want to get done.
Usually I use a mix of different wrapping paper with ribbons and bows - the cheap-o kind of ribbons and bows. For the past few years I have been mostly using red, white and green since I wanted to match my tree color scheme.
This year I have decided to be different.
Change is good.
Thanks to my vast amounts of gift wrapping supplies (I have a problem) I was able to choose a new color scheme.
I decided on blue and white with red, silver and gold accents.
I chose two different rolls of wrapping paper. One is blue with while snowflakes and the other is blue with penguins. I feel they complement each other. Plus, neither of these rolls were opened meaning no one has seen this paper from me. (One day I will have more than one Christmas tree and I will have to remember how pretty white and blue are together....)
A few years ago I bought about 15 rolls of ribbon very inexpensively at the Dollar General after Christmas. I have been saving them for who knows why. I would guess for a special occasion, but I honestly feel every Christmas is a special occasion so that can’t be why. Maybe I really am a hoarder.

Anyways - I decided this was the year I would use them. I didn't realize how little ribbon was on each roll so I will probably be using most of them since one roll seems to only be enough for one present. No wonder it was so cheap!
I will try my hardest not to collect all the ribbon back what the presents are opened.
Who am I kidding... I probably will!
Do they have a support group for people like me?
It took me HOURS to wrap all my presents since I was trying so hard to make them pretty and obviously I was watching my show. Not all of my items have nice pretty boxes so I had to use make shift boxes for some and for others I am wrapping as good as I can with the packaging the gifts are already in.
I am FAMOUS in my family for using food boxes to wrap my presents in! Makes the presents look nicer AND makes it harder for people to guess what is in it! Knocks two birds out with one stone!
I don't know how to make bows so mine look like I was tying my shoe laces.
I did try to get fancy with this red bow. What do you think?
By next year I need to watch some YouTube videos and learn how to make them even prettier!

Only 12 days until Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tennessee Titans

I went to my very first professional football game!
Tennessee Titans against New Orleans Saints - from my title of this post I am hoping you know we were for the Titans. Sadly, they did not win. The score was 22 to 17.

Still had a nice time though. Very exciting being at a game!

Matt was able to get a pair of tickets to today's game for free ($60 value each) from his employer which made this an inexpensive outing for us. We ended up parking a little bit away from the field - parking $10.
And we had popcorn, soda, and 2 sandwiches (like the Mc Rib) for a total of $25.
Not bad at all!

Walking from our parking spot to the stadium we were with a bunch of people who were also going to the Titans game. Even bigger crowds once we got to the entrance where we stood in line - then had to separate into appropriate female/male lines. This makes sense, but I was a little worried Matt and I would lose each other. 
Let me tell you; they actually pat you down! I had no idea. And they check your purse. Both of us got through no problems of course, but just so you know, the male lines went much quicker then the female ones. So glad someone in front of us was telling someone else or I would have been standing in the wrong line the whole time!

We had seats on the top tier of the stadium.
We walked so much to get up there! All up hill!
Here's the view we had when looking to the right. (I took these pictures on Matt's iPhone since I forgot my camera.... he only emailed me these 3. I guess I did tell him he only had to send 3...)
I liked the loud crowds and how everyone got all decked out in there favorite team colors!
I was a bit surprised to see so many New Orleans fans in Nashville! Seemed to be a ton of them!

We left the game at the end of the third quarter since I had to go pick up Wyatt from my brother's and then drive back home to Louisville.
Took a few pictures on the way back to the car:

They had the roads blocked which made this a good opportunity to snap a few pictures! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movies and Deals Galore

Had a wonderful weekend watching a TON of movies... and have even more to watch! (Seems the library got all the movies I had reserved at once - picked them up today.)

It has been a long time since I have rented any movies from Redbox, but I figured Matt and I would keep this weekend cheap and relaxing (mostly accomplished). Plus, there were a lot of movies I hadn't seen that the library does not have.
Of the movies I rented, here is how I felt about the movies we watched together and the ones I watched alone:

MONTE CARLO - cute girly movie... worth renting
30 MINUTES OR LESS - was alright... I thought this would be funnier then it was... rent if you have nothing else to see
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - this is the same movie as the one with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher... skip
GREEN LANTERN - decent... kinda boring... take it or leave it
HORRIBLE BOSSES - LOL funny!.... definitely rent this one.. I laughed several times!

I still have Smurfs and Crazy Stupid Love to watch. These 2 plus Horrible Bosses I got with 3 free Redbox codes - mine, my mom's and my brother's since they weren't using them! (Join Redbox's text messaging of deals for 1 free code at the beginning of the month.) Meaning I will have seen 7 movies from Redbox within 4 days for about $5. Not a bad deal at all!
At Kroger I bought 1 box of 3 bags of popcorn (already forgot the brand) for $1.99 minus a $0.55 coupon AND it has 1 free Redbox code! Loving it!
Last time they did they deal each box had 2 codes and a coupon for free soda when you buy 2 more boxes of popcorn. I must have bought about 20 boxes last time. Good deal worth taking advantage of if you seem them at your store. They expire 2012 September 30.

Speaking about good deals... I went to Kroger Friday after work to pick up my movies and a few groceries.
When I first walked into the store I saw 2 Kroger employees grocery shopping and they both had several logs of cookie dough. I figured they must be on a good sale or there were coupons next to the items. When I finally made my way to that section I noticed there was no price on them. I looked for coupons as well. Nothing
Just when I was about to walk away a Kroger employee went and grabbed one. I looked at the cookies - and without me saying anything she told me I should get some since they were on sale for $1 each.
So I did. And they rang up correctly.
10 of them! 4 different kinds!
Going to bake some in the morning to share with my co-workers.

Another good deal we scored was at Meijer.
Last week when I was in TN my mom printed me 2 coupons for $2 off Tyson fully cooked whole chickens. She had seen on one of the blogs I look at that Meijer had them on sale for $4.99. Made them $2.99 each. I had forgotten about the coupons. Bought 2 last night and then 4 more for $3.99 each (after coupons) today (the sale had gone off).
I didn't even know these were Tyson chickens, but sure enough they say so on the cardboard part.
Matt and I already separated the meat and freezer saved them all into several bags. This will feed us for a while.

CVS was a good score today as well.
Buy any 3 American Greeting cards and get $3 ECB back. (Just like RR at Walgreens.) I read on Hip2save you could buy 3 $0.99 cards and use a $2 off coupon. It worked! This ended up being a $2 money maker! We both did this transaction on our own CVS card along with 10 pack of candy canes for $1.27 and you get back a $1.27 ECB. Luckily we rang up with the store manager, who without asking us or telling us what she was doing, printed us each up a $2 ECB since the $1.27 ECB did not print out! What a nice manager!
We made some good money on this trip. :)