Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wow, 6 Years Together!

Yesterday was mine and Matt's 6 year anniversary.
Crazy to think we have been together for 6 whole years!
Seems forever ago while at the same time seems like it was just a few days ago...

We started the day with doughnuts before driving about an hour to go to Costco with my parents and my brother (my mom bought me a membership for my birthday - thanks mom!) and then we drove another hour to meet my grandparents to eat lunch at Cheddar's.
After lunch, Matt and I went shopping, ate dinner, and walked the Opryland Hotel. (We found Cars 2 on blu-ray for $10 like I was hoping we would)

Opryland Hotel is a wonderful place. If you have never been, you need to go. ASAP. Actually, you need to go twice. Once during the Christmas holidays to see the place all lit up and then again during the warmer months to see the hotel how it usually looks. It is beautiful!
Ever since we moved to TN years and years ago I have been to the Opryland Hotel at least once a year - so probably for about 20 years now.

First it was me, my mom, and my brother. This was back when Opryland theme park was open and my mom always bought us season passes. I miss that place. I'm not sure how old I was when it closed, but I remember being sad. I loved most of the rides - The Hangman (your feet dangled on this roller coaster), Chaos (an inside roller coaster with black lights and speed), and Screamin' Delta Demon (you went up, then the ride consisted of sledding down a 'tube'). Who ever decided to remove the park and put a mall in its place needs to be re-thinking that decision. Now where are we suppose to go? They should have just moved the park to the other side of Nashville or something.
--- Sorry, I got off subject.---

Then just me and my mom. My brother no longer wanted to go so just us girls would go around my birthday and walk around.

Now it is me and Matt. We usually always go right after Thanksgiving.
I took Matt here on one of our first dates so it seemed fitting to go here on the day of our anniversary. (Still might look into getting married here.)

I took a few pictures:
We took a few pictures in front of this tree, but since none of they came out good, you will never see them. They are only for my private collection. I think I have a picture in front of this tree for several of the past years. I will need to look for them one of these days. 
I love how trees look when you point the camera up in front of it. Gives it a new perspective. Seems like it reaches the sky don't you think?
 Here's the same tree from far away - or at least from the top of the stairs.
 I just thought these trees were pretty so I wanted my picture next to them.
Outside in front of the hotel.
For a few years now we have barely ventured outside. Last night the temperature was still in the 60's which made it easy for us to be outside and snap a few pictures.

I do wish the hotel would update some of there lights since they never seem to change. I don't think this will happen any time soon though. Especially since the flood of 2010 didn't help change this.

They did have a few new sights for the kids to see:
Puss in Boots and Kung Fu Panda!
I thought this was a nice touch opposed to just Santa. Plus, the hotel was smart and spread out the characters.
We still plan on going back to see Madagascar on ICE - it was WAY too crowded to go yesterday.

After the hotel we stopped for ice cream and went on home. We were out for over 12 hours and I can assure you I was once again pooped!

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