Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where's Winter?

I'm not complaining.
Please let me stress this.
I like warm weather.
But I gotta say, 70 degrees on November 22 is not normal for Louisville, KY!
What is going on?
Maybe global warming is real...
Maybe Mother Nature is feeling sorry for giving us so much rain this year....
Maybe this is God's way of keeping our homeless in somewhat good spirits...
Who knows!?!?!?!?
The temperature is nice, but I don't think it is worth these tornadoes I have been hearing about. Luckily it doesn't seem any of them have done anything horrible. On the plus side, I am liking not having to have my heat or air on though. Saves me money!

So while it might not be feeling like Christmas, I sure am seeing and hearing it!
Since Monday, 106.9 is now playing all Christmas, all day! That's right! So I am now listening to Christmas music to and from work which is awesome! Puts me in such a good mood! I was singing in my head during a commercial "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" and guess what? It came on right after the commercial break - how freaky is that?

Also as of Monday I have seen houses decorated for Christmas and the lights have been turned on! Seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. I'm not one to talk though since I spent all yesterday evening decorating my tree and adding a few decorations around my house. (I'll take some pictures and post them sometime in the next few days. Right now I am too lazy to do that.)
Last year I bought icicles for the outside knowing I was buying a house. I thought they were LED lights. I evidently bought regular lights that are 40% more efficient. Or so they claim. I am still debating if we will hang them up. My co-workers have told me how expensive it was to run Christmas lights so I might not. I love them though....

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