Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas....

I wish my weekend wasn't almost over.
It's already 8:30 - I feel like it should still be Friday evening!
Why do weekends seem to fly by as opposed to my workdays that seem to crawl?
I imagine most people feel this way. Now if we can only get our employers to implement a 4-day work week with a 3-day weekend...
At least this work week will only be 3 days since I am off Thursday and Friday. I am so looking forward to these days! Nothing like watching TV and stuffing myself followed by Shopping and stuffing myself some more. I love the holidays!
At work we are having a Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday - had one last Tuesday as well. :)

(Ipod doesn't take very good pictures...)
Matt and I did a little shopping this weekend to include this razor that was marked to $38.something and I had a $30 off coupon which made it cheap! So now I have a Christmas present for Matt (I am posting this knowing he will see this since he was with me when I purchased it.) I saw the deal on Frugal Makes Cents yesterday and thought we should snap it up. Refill cartridges are kinda expensive - only worth it if he likes the razor.

Check this out:
Yep, that is my Christmas tree and boxes of ornaments. Matt helped me bring them into the house from the garage so I can start decorating for Christmas this week. I am so excited! On the downside, I saw how many Christmas decorations I really have and I have decided whatever I no longer like or use this year will need to be sent to Goodwill. I want to make room for a baby so I need to part with a few things (which is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be - I really am a closet hoarder.) Meaning I need to try and stay away from all the lovely new shiny Christmas decorations at the store. Maybe I need to join a support group like 'Holiday Hoarders Annoymous' or 'If It's On Clearance I'll Buy It Annoymous'.
Or on the other hand I can keep telling myself I don't have a problem.
I think I will stick with the second option. Seems to be a better fit for me.

So now I am by myself watching re-runs of 'How I Met Your Mother' while surfing the web and waiting for my iPOD to sync but since it is taking so long I am tempted to unplug it (even though you are not suppose to).
By the way, does anyone else think it is annoying you cannot move your music properly from iTunes to other devices without putting it on CD'S?
With my old 4G iPOD I could unblock folders and find all my songs and move them to a folder on my desktop. With this iPOD touch, I cannot do that. Apple must have blocked it. This sucks because some of my songs cannot be played from my iTunes which means with the exception of on my iPOD I can no longer play these songs. Apple should have to fix this issue! Even with the songs I can play on my iTunes, when I move them they mostly all convert to a MP4 file. WTF??? Makes me so mad!

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