Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Wanted To Write ANYTHING!

I moved into my house back in late July after painting and installing new flooring and ever since then I have been looking for the perfect kitchen mat(s). I either wanted a few small ones to place in front of my sink, refrigerator, and stove or I wanted a big one to take up all that space. (I can no longer use my blue floor mats with my green counters... reminds me.... I need to find fabric to re-cover my chair cushions...)

You would think this would have been an easy task - it has not been.
I saw some small ones I liked at Kohl's, but even with a sale and a coupon, $29.99 each was too expensive.
I then bought a large one from Target, then decided it wouldn't look good so back to the store it went.
Found some at Sam's Club that I thought might work - didn't feel the color was right.
Finally my luck turned.

While at a Target near my brother's new place about a month ago I found some good ones.
When I placed them in the spots I wanted them I was not in love. I had packed them up to take back, but something told me to test out 2 of them. So I did. Now, about a month later, I have all 4 that I bought out because they have grown on me.
Check them out:

And guess what? The price was awesome!
They were originally $15.99 each (more then I would have wanted to spend) - marked down to $3.99 each!
I think these ones will make me happy for now. Hopefully Wyatt will like them as much as I do since I am hoping he will lay on one of these rugs. I'm doubtful though - he loves my bed WAY too much!
Ha ha ha!

P.S. Obviously I have absolutely nothing to blog about if I am writing about my floor mats!

P.S.S. I do have 2 projects lined up to work on... just need to stop being lazy and do it.
P.S.S.S. I plan on decorating for Christmas probably the weekend before Thanksgiving (maybe sooner). I should start having a few blog posts coming up.

P.S.S.S.S I did mow the yard yesterday and today I put away all fall Halloween decorations and started organizing my other holiday seasonal stuff.

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