Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, To ME!

Yep, I am another year older.
Or wiser as I like to think of it.
Sounds better to be a year wiser then a year older. Although being older is better then the alternative of course.

This year for my birthday we ended up spreading it out over a few days.
I got to eat out LOTS!
Got birthday ice cream cake from DQ.
Matt bought me a grill (which I had to leave at my mom's since my car was full). He also bought 'half' of my new lamps from Kirklands - I had a $30 giftcard to go towards them.
Mom and Greg bought me a Costco membership, a new Crock pot, and a necklace from an Indian Reservation in Phoenix.
My brother got me a 4 in 1 Tupperware food carrying case (we do a lot of pot lucks at work).
Love everything!

Matt and I also went to see the new Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1!
The movie is good... not nearly as good as the books. Of course I feel this way about each and every movie this series puts out. I felt this movie left too much out and added in too many unnecessary extras. For example, what's with the chess game? The movie should have explained that Edward was trying to keep Bella busy so she would be too tired for lovemaking at night. That is why she didn't know she was tired from being pregant.
I did spot Stephanie Meyer, the author of the books, in the audience of Bella's and Edward's wedding. :)

And you know we went to the Opryland Hotel to walk around.

A very good birthday indeed! 

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