Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ducks Lay Eggs?

Did you know ducks lay eggs?
I didn't
Suppose I should have known they did since chickens lay eggs and chickens are birds just like ducks. Makes sense to me now.

Matt's family has a duck who lives on there property. Yes, they fed the duck and give the duck a place to sleep.
I guess you could call the duck a pet...
Maybe not though since Matt might serve it on the dinner table one of these days....

There used to be 2 ducks - they think one got ate by a wild animal - now there is only one.
One duck.
Who now lays a daily egg. (Never did before.)
You can't tell from he pictures, but the eggs are a light greenish/gray color.
I took several pictures trying to capture the color but it never worked in my favor. You'll just have to take my word on this one. The egg seems to be around the same size as a chicken's egg. I'll have to try the egg next time I am there.
First alligator, now duck egg - who knows what I'll try next!
Matt cornered the duck so I could hold it.
Very soft.
Wish the duck wasn't so scared of me.
I kinda felt bad we cornered it just so I could hold it.
P.S. The duck pooped on me while I was holding it so I guess you could say he paid me back .

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