Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deck The Halls

Although Christmas decorating always seems to be a work in progress for me, I have decided to post pictures of some of the decorating I have already done.
Here is my tree with most of its ornaments on it.
Notice I used my 3 strands of candy garland - the new one is on the bottom. The candies are a little larger then the 2 strands my mom gave me from hers and then my childhood. (Didn't find a use for the popcorn garland this year - I'll string it across the room or something next year if I do not have an extra tree to decorate.
 These are a few new ornaments I bought last year after Christmas...
 (Matt likes frogs so I wanted to make sure he was represented on my tree.)
This is my fiber optic tree I bought back when I was in high school from the Dollar General by my grandparent's house.
I am going to add a stand of beads and a few candy ornaments. I'll have to remember to take a picture of it once it is complete. The lights are not going on this tree. I am tempted to string them up on my bedroom wall...
Above my kitchen sink.
(Mom, did you notice I changed out the curtain? I have decided I no longer like the ones that are in the kitchen. Still want to change out the other windows. I was thinking I need help learning to use my sewing machine.)
 Table next to the couch.
 I tried to fill up these jars nicely. I think I need to keep trying with the front one.
At first I placed glass balls I had from my first Christmas, but they seemed to big. I threw those out. They break way to easily. Not even Goodwill would want them.
Now I have this... the small balls in the back look nice.... I don't know what to say about the front jar. Somehow I wanna use the lollipops in my decorating. Not sure how. Maybe I can string them together or something. Any ideas?
 A few weeks ago I bought 'The Elf on the Shelf' when Barnes and Noble had a 50% off coupon on any one book.
I plan on reading the book this weekend and (even though I do not have children) displaying my elf.
A few months ago when we went to the Glendale craft festival I bought these 2 mini trees with the intention of giving one to my mom and one to Matt's mom.
I did give the apple one to Matt's mom on Thanksgiving (she has an apple theme in her kitchen), but I selfishly kept the other one for myself. I am still willing to give it to my mom though. We will see. Interested?
 Last night I made the gingerbread house I bought last year.
I love it!
Looks awesome!
Can you tell it isn't real?
It is just material which came with stickers to stick onto the house once constructed.
It fits in so well with my candy theme.
I enjoyed making this masterpiece.
(Am I using that word too loosely?)
It was much easier then your traditional gingerbread house.
The only drawback to it was that it didn't come with extra stickers. Meaning I basically had to follow the picture on the box. I would have liked to have been a little more creative. That's okay though. What can you really expect out of an item that was originally priced for $5 from Wal-Mart?


  1. The decor looks nice Jess. =) Wondering if those are my curtains...I am missing one that looks just like those for my back door....hmmmm.


  2. Not your curtains... these came from Belk... Mt. Juliet store I believe. I think you were shopping with me when I bought them a few years ago.
    Glad you like the decore though. :)

    ~Peppermint Twists~