Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopped Till I Dropped (Almost)

What a day!
Even though Black Friday started at some stores as early as 10 PM on Thanksgiving, Matt and I decided to go out at 6 AM this morning. And boy am I glad we waited. We got everything we wanted with the exception of a fire pit for $30 from Target (and if I don't find this particular one tomorrow, we might pay $40 for the one at Lowe's) and Cars 2 on Blu-ray for $9.88 from Sam's Club.
We will be looking tomorrow for both of these items while out shopping.

We went to:
Best Buy
Home Depot
McDonalds (Breakfast)
Sam's Club
Shoe Carnival
2nd Wal-Mart
Ruby Tuesdays (Lunch)
2nd Lowe's
Sonic (Drinks)
Met a guy selling DVDs from online site
3 Walgreens

And now I am pooped!

As you can see, we went to TONS of stores!
(I'll post pictures later.)
Between the 2 of us we spent around $600 with all our shopping! We never spend that much! Never!
In our defense, $150 bought a grill, $70 bought 2 pairs of shoes, $70 bought tools, and so on and so on. We did buy a  bunch of stuff for each other for Christmas while still managing to buy a few Christmas gifts for other people. I am hoping to almost be done after this weekend. Fingers crossed! Even though I had fun I am still sick of shopping amongst the crowds.

I do have to show you mine and my mom's Walgreens shopping.
I took one picture of all the stuff we bought at 3 stores... we both checked out 7 times!
8 Colgate Toothpastes $3 - $1 coupon
Receive $3 RR

8 Preparation H wipes $2.75 - $2 coupon
Receive $2.75 RR
6 Dentek Flossers $2
Receive $2 RR

3 Advil PM $0.99
Receive $0.99 RR

2 Therma Care $2.49
Receive $2.49 RR

2 Speed Stick Deodorants 2 for $5
Receive $3 RR

2 Energy Strips $3.99
Receive $3.99 RR

2 Boxes of Kleenex $0.99
No RR (filler items)
My mom spent $10.58 OOP and still has about $15 RR.
I spent $11.50 OOP and still have about $18 RR.

I hope to buy a few more tubes of toothpaste tomorrow.

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