Monday, October 31, 2011

Wyatt On Halloween

Hope you had a wonderful October 31st!
I did!
My Halloween adventure started when my boss let us all off an hour early so we wouldn't be on the road while the trick or treaters were out so I took advantage of the extra time to run to Meijer to buy 3 more bags of candy along with a few other items.

10 bags total
$2 each at Meijer = $20
- (4) $1.50 off 1 bag coupons
- (4) $1.00 off 1 bag coupons
- (2) Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupons
Grand total for 10 bags of candy = $6 plus tax
Very glad I waited until yesterday and today to buy my candy - I knew if it was in the house I would eat. Which I did. And will continue to do since I saved myself a few pieces.
Where I live trick or treating was 5 - 9 PM.
Such a big stretch of time! 4 hours! Some of the surrounding areas were only 5 - 7. I think it should have been 5 to 8. After 8 it just seemed so dark outside! (I was glad to see some parents actually walked with there kids.)
I got my first trick or treater at 5:40 and I ran out of candy at 8:05....
Tons of kids!
I will need to buy more candy next year.
Had fun though. Saw some good costumes. Lots of nice children thanked me. 

I decided to sit in the house to pass out candy since it was a little chilly. I turned a DVD of Everybody Loves Ray on and watched as kids came to my door. I was sure to greet them before they knocked or rang the bell.
Took a ton of pictures of Wyatt before all the action started:

I don't think he likes all the pictures, but I think he poses for me hoping it will be over quickly. :) 
Isn't he adorable??? These are all his costumes from previous years. I only made him wear them long enough to snap some pictures.

Here he is wanting in my lap.
 He kept doing this all night - watching all the action!
Happy Halloween!

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