Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ryan's New Apartment

Third floor
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
About 600 square feet
White walls
Gray carpet

Kinda blah....

Kinda cute....

Good fit for him FOR SURE!

I am excited for my brother to have his new apartment, but I can assure you I do not miss apartment living.
Let me give you the full tour of his new pad.
This is before any furniture was brought into the place.
When you walk into his apartment, you walk into a big living room.

If you look to your left(right in the picture) you see the kitchen and the dining area. Neither are big spaces but since he doesn't do much cooking and has no kitchen table, this space is perfect. He does need some stools  for the bar. (On the other side of the sink which you cannot see.) He should search Craigslist for a good deal.

Continue walking straight through his living room and you will enter his bedroom which I somehow did not get a full picture of the space. In the closet on the right is his laundry area. His bedrooms has 2 big closets and a bathroom to the left.

Off the living room is his outside area. This is actually a decent sized area. Would be nice to have a few chairs out here to sit and people watch. LOL! - maybe I am the only one to do this.
Even has a storage closet which is nice. I would recommend anything kept out there should be kept in a Tupperware box - will help keep bugs out.
So that's the full tour.
Hope you enjoyed!
Maybe next time I visit I will get some pictures of the place decorated. If I do, I'll post those pictures if he allows me.