Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Weekend Recap

(Without pictures due to my camera battery charging.)

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE 3 day weekends!
All weekends should consist of 3 days!
I would be in a good mood more often if they were. Too bad my employer doesn't allow me to work 4 ten hour shifts. I would enjoy that!
My office could save so much money if they closed an extra day and they wouldn't have to run so much power.... I could go on and on about the pros for the employer and the employee, but I won't.

This weekend my brother moved into his very first 'big boy' apartment. Probably not the phrase he wants me to use, but it is the one that comes to mind when I think about the situation.
Me, Matt and Greg helped him move all his stuff into a third floor apartment.
Thank GOD he doesn't have as much stuff as me! I was winded just going up the stairs a few times - No elevator! Evidently my face was beat red... sadly shows how out of shape I am. Everyone continued moving stuff upstairs while I did the inspection checklist. I did remember to take pictures of all the defects in the apartment so my brother has proof when he moves out of there one day.
Ryan - I'll email them to you tomorrow.I'll post some pictures of the actual apartment tomorrow as well.
After moving all of his stuff and checking all the keys to make sure they worked he took us to lunch at a buffet. Yummy fried chicken!

Matt and I then did some shopping where I got some new rugs for my kitchen (I'll show you later) and a few new Christmas decorations (early, I know).
I was then pooped!
We went home and I went to bed soon after.

Of course then my poor Wyatt had diarrhea all night so I didn't get much sleep. I'm sure you didn't want to know all that though. (He had gone to the groomer early that day.)

Sunday while at Matt's house we rode on his 4-wheeler. This was my first time on it.
So much fun!
Why haven't we rode it before? I want to rider again!
I held onto him so hard when he drove fast. I was a little scared at moments. I guess that is the kind of rush big boys get on motorcycles. Matt said the 4-wheeler wasn't even going 20 miles per hour so I know a motorcycle would be too fast and scary for me.
You gotta know your limits. I know mine now. :)

Yesterday Matt's mom and sister came to see my house. While here we did some shopping and eating out. I took them to Chuy's for dinner and Culver's for dessert. I think both places were a hit.
She brought me a plant and laundry detergent (house warming gift from her culture). Very sweet of her!

I'll try to blog tomorrow. I am even lazier then usual lately. Not good - I know!

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