Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloweenie Decorations

I'm very excited for Halloween - I am looking forward to passing out candy.
In a few years I hope to be excited because I will be walking my children around the neighborhood to get their own candy. I already know I will be dressing my child up as a different animal each year. Well, the first year I want my baby to be a pumpkin. A FAT pumpkin! Then Wyatt can wear his pumpkin costume and I can take a million pictures of the two of them together. Then I would make a slide show with those pictures and the song running with it would be "Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend..."
So cute!
Now I just need a baby...
And a pumpkin outfit...
Then I will be good to go!

Last year was my first Halloween that I was actually home and had kids who lived around me so I decorated my door (I lived in an apartment) and bought full sized candy bars to make the kids who knocked on my door feel special.
***I  think I bought 6 6-packs since there wasn't a ton of kids who lived near me so it wasn't very expensive. My neighborhood kids will not be getting that big of a candy bar this year.
I had 6 trick-or-treaters.
I was so disappointed.
Thought for sure I would get at least 36!
I kept waiting for a knock on the door that never came (well actually it only came like 3 times for those 6 kids).

This year I am sure I will get lots of kids... and I will be prepared.
Prior to today I had a fake pumpkin on my front porch and 2 hanging decorations on my door and wall next to my front door.
I knew I wanted to have some more decorations so my house was appealing but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. On my lunch break earlier last week I went to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find. I found a bunch of good things.
Check out my decorations:

2 Tombstones - was going to get 3 but didn't want to overdo it.
Blowup skeleton
Flat skeleton
Paper pumpkins

My mom also gave me this light up pumpkin:
My house will definitely look more appealing now. I'll post a picture once it is decorated.
Now I just need to buy some candy and fill my pumpkin bowl. I am waiting to do this until closer to Halloween so I do not eat it all. I already know I will have a hard time not eating a lot of it.
I haven't decided if Wyatt and I will just sit outside and pass candy or if I will stay inside and wait for them to knock. I am thinking being outside will be much easier. I know my dog will bark each time someone comes.
I am also debating what to dress Wyatt up in. He has several costumes which he hates and he also has shirt costumes. The shirt might be a better option since he will be more willing to wear it all evening.

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