Saturday, October 15, 2011

Glendale Crossing Festival 2011

Matt and I had a WONDERFUL day!
This has been the first day in a long time that we spent most of the day out doing something other then shopping.
Got lots of walking in as well.

I have decided to break up what we did into two separate blog posts so I have more to talk about. He he he!

We started off the day with this yummy bacon casserole which is the exact same recipe for the sausage casserole, but obviously with different meat.
Was yummy and this loaf portion was just enough so we didn't have any leftovers.

I had read about the Glendale Crossing Festival (which ended up being less then an hour away) so we decided to head out there for fun and food.
I had lots of fun walking around looking at all the crafts. Oh the crafts! Even bought a few items that I forgot to take a picture of - guess I'll have to show you them later.
So glad we went!
 This town was very cute with all of the old buildings...
 Someone even had a lama at the festival.
 I want to make these cool looking pumpkins!
Doesn't look hard at all!
 I am hoping Matt and I can talk his mommy into making one of these adorable blankets for our future baby.
How cute are they?
Someone bought the green one - at least it was gone when we walked by them a second time.
More neat crafts...
I wanna make some of these Hill Billy Wine Glasses!
I LOVE this idea! 
And I am pretty sure I can buy them items at the Dollar Store.
Look very easy to make, right?
I saw many other crafts I would have liked to buy or make, but I enjoyed walking around looking more then I did taking pictures. Although now I wish I had taken more pictures since I am unable to remember all the lovaly things I saw. 
Can't wait to go to the festival in the Spring!

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