Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fort Duffield in KY

I have driven by this place before and we finally decided to stop here and check it out after going to the Glendale Festival. The volunteers here have maintained the grounds and have even built a few replicas of some of the buildings.
This fort was established during the Civil War.
Was never attacked.
In 2 weeks it will be 150 years old.
 These are small replicas - the size of the rooms are correct, but the height is not. They were small spaces and we were told about 6 men would bunk in each cabin. Not sure how 6 men actually slept in these since they were tiny.

We met a very nice volunteer worker who told us all about the facts surrounding the place.
We were told these replicas are 15 and 18 years old.

This is how weapon materials were stored.
This is how the roof of the building looked - it shows how the fire warmed up the entire house instead of burning down the place down. I would go into detail, but I do not want to mess up what I was told since I do not think I can adequately explain it.
 I don't remember everything we learned.
I do know all these mounds and trenches were man made and were made within a quick amount of time.
45 days I think.
 Cool cannon!
Going here was tough. From the spot we parked we had to walk what claimed to be 1/4 mile but we think was 1/2 mile STRAIGHT UP!
Straight up a hill!
I thought I was going to die! I had to stop twice because I am so out of shape.
Very embarrassing!
But it is what it is!

(I'm sneaky - this is a scheduled post!)

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